Pharma Tech Conclave 2023

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Pharma Tech Conclave 2023

Chitkara University and DeepSynergy presents the Pharma Tech Conclave 2023. The conference will be held on 3rd Mar 2023 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm IST at the Chitkara College of Pharmacy, Chitkara University, Chandigarh. The global pharmaceutical industry is undergoing transformational changes due to advancements in technological innovations that aim to fundamentally alter how patients are historically accessed, treated, and managed. The conference will bring interactive sessions, expert speakers, and real-life use cases from senior executives and key decision-makers from leading pharma, biotech, and healthcare industries to prove that hypothesis.

Registration link: https://form.jotform.com/230178573756465

In this edition, the latest technological interventions in pharma R&D and manufacturing will be explored, such as biomarker discovery, cell and gene therapies, biologics, and nanomedicines. Additionally, advances in drug delivery systems, including oral, injectable, and topical formulations will also be highlighted. The conference will also explore regulatory issues and upcoming policies pertaining to the industry, including clinical trial design, approval processes, and post-market surveillance. Case studies of successful pharmaceutical technology projects. including value analyses and lessons will be leamed in greater detail. Most importantly, the event will double down on progressive technologies and developments including vertical SaaS solutions that are reforming the pharmaceutical industry through implementation and advances in data management, real-world evidence, decentralized clinical trial, patient management, workforce management, physician education, and Al-enabled process automation.

The key highlights of the conference include:

First-panel discussion on ‘Reimagining Pharmaceutical R&D with Generative AI’ by:

  1. Dr. Sumeet Kad, Principal, Strategy, Life Sciences, IQVIA (Moderator)
  2. Mr. Nitesh Patil, Chief Growth & Strategy Officer, Wellstack
  3. Mr. Harsha Vardhan, VP of Software Engineering, Optum
  4. Mr. Sourav K, CEO, iQuartic
  5. Mr. Subhankar Basak, Head, Innovation, AstraZeneca

The session will discuss:

  • Role of AI in Pharma R&D
  • How pharma R&D can Incorporate Learnings from D2C Digital Health Programs
  • Role of ChatGPT and other NLP technologies in collaborative R&D
  • Importance of student researchers in the Pharma R&D talent pipeline

Second-panel discussion on ‘Role of Technology Enabled Decision Support Tools in Digital Drug Discovery’ by:

  1. Aarti Chitale, Principal Analyst, Frost & Sullivan (Moderator)
  2. Mr. Arindam Gupta, Lead, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Lattice
  3. Mr. Harsh Nagpal, AD, Wolters Kluwer
  4. Mr. Sivamallikarjuna Reddy, CEO, AODH Life Sciences
  5. Dr. Soumyakant Das, Co-Founder, MedTel Healthcare12.00

The session will discuss:

  • Latest digital drug discovery methodologies and case studies
  • Role of the decentralized clinical trials in global drug discovery management
  • Role of machine learning on patient recruitment for drug discovery research
  • Latest digital drug discovery methodologies and case studies

This will be followed by an Innovation Expo by Students, Faculties, and Enterprises where they will showcase Latest Research and Innovation in Pharma IT

Third-panel discussion on ‘Convergence of Digital Health and Pharmaceutical IT - Trends and Outlook’ by:

  1. Mr. Dabanjan Purakaystha, Co-Founder - Health Compiler (Moderator)
  2. Mr. Abhay Singavi, CBO, Redcliffe Labs
  3. Mr. Ritesh Mittal, Head of Strategy & Customer Success, Provider Network, Heaps.Ai
  4. Mr. Sujay Pal, Head, Marketing, Citius Tech1:

Fourth-panel discussion on ‘Role of Emerging Technologies in the Future of Pharmaceutical Innovation’ by:

  1. Mr. Keerti Pradhan, Dean, Chitkara Univerity College of Healthcare Management (Moderator)
  2. Mr. Nilanjan Basu, Associate Director, International Business, AAPC
  3. Mr.Sidharth Angrish, Founder & CEO, Jiyyo
  4. Dr. Reejesh Bose, Qure.ai
  5. Mr. Rajeev Srivastava, VP, TATA Healthcare2.50

The session will discuss:

  • Adoption of IoMT in Pharma Supply Chain
  • Adoption of Vertical SaaS by Pharma for improved business outcomes
  • Role of blockchain in Pharma
  • Role of 5G in pharma process automation

The day will continue with the Start-Up Pitch in which IRMA I Seed Incubator will evaluate a series of India’s top health-tech start-ups for potential investment or induction in their incubation program.

The conference will be ended with a Technology Networking session to showcase India’s top health-tech start-ups who are disrupting the multi-billion-dollar digital health industry in India.

Overall, the Pharma Tech Conclave 2023 would provide a forum for professionals from across the industry to come together and share their expertise, network with colleagues, and learn about the latest developments in this exciting field. Through this, the participants can meet the change makers, explore best practices and learn from cutting-edge technologies and practical solutions that drive sustainable business efficiencies for the global pharmaceutical industry.

About The Chitkara College of Pharmacy

Chitkara College of Pharmacy was started in 2005 by the Chitkara Education Trust, Chandigarh, under the guidance of renowned academicians Dr. Ashok Chitkara and Dr. (Mrs.) Madhu Chitkara. Chitkara University, Punjab is located at Jhansla, Rajpura. Chitkara College of Pharmacy is at the forefront of both education and research in the field. The institutes challenging Bachelors/ Masters/ Doctoral research programs in Pharmaceutical Sciences prepare students for frontline roles in modem patient care and drug discovery and development. The programs are tailored to meet the ever-evolving industry requirements and are taught by experts in first-class facilities with the aid of innovative teaching technologies.

About The University

Chitkara University offers a world of learning that will help you reach your goals. Choose from our varied industry-endorsed programs. Leam from an outstanding faculty at our state-of-the-art teaching facilities. Explore unlimited opportunities to get placed with one of the 1500+ campus recruiters and meet other students with dreams as big as yours.

About DeepSynergy

DeepSynergy is India's first vertical SaaS for Healthcare and Life Sciences with end-to-end Software Asset Management capabilities. We democratize global commerce in relation to digital health contracts with embedded procurement, financing, reporting, and risk management services.

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