About Us

PharmaShots is an innovative news service by Octavus Consulting, focused on delivering crisp and concise real-time summarized news updates of pharma, biotech, medical device, digital health and life science industry.

Why PharmaShots:

The Life science industry is one of the innovative and highly growing sector, where the latest technologies, globalization and recent advancements make it a highly competitive market. Competitions are making moves every minute, there are dynamic shifts and changes in the market which can impact the brand strategy.

It can be any clinical trial update or change in regulatory guidelines, patent expiry, exclusivity extension or introduction of a new drug candidate in the landscape. Therefore, in this constantly challenging world knowing your opponents move and its impact on you is the most important and crucial aspect to stay ahead.

For this fast paced industry, Octavus has designed a cloud-based comprehensive solution, PharmaShots, which deliver the Life sciences industry, real-time, summarized, Incisive News in 3 shots.

Key Features:

  • Concise News with Real Time Delivery in Just 3 Shots
  • Trusted News from Authentic Sources
  • Customized Service is Available for Specific Therapy Area /Sector/Segment

Our Team:

Octavus Consulting  has a team of consulting professionals who understands the needs of Life sciences industry. We have:

  • Experienced Life Sciences Business Intelligence and Consulting Professionals
  • Team of Experienced News Editors and Analysts
  • Skilled IT Developers with an Experience in Building Health-IT solutions
  • Subject Matter Experts