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Roche Collaborates with Genesis Therapeutics for AI-Driven Drug Discovery

Shots: Genesis to receive an up front and is eligible to receive pre/ clinical and regulatory milestones along with royalties on sales of approved drugs emerges from the collaboration The collaboration leverages Genesis’ graph machine learning and drug discovery expertise to identify drug candidates for therapeutic targets across multiple disease areas Genesis has developed Dynamic […]Read More

Schrodinger Expands its Drug Discovery Efforts Against COVID-19 Deploying Parallel

Shots: Schrodinger expands its work to discover novel antiviral therapies for COVID-19 as a part of a philanthropic global initiative. The accelerated pace includes the evaluation of billions of molecules/ week and is supported by Google Cloud which provides its high-powered parallel computing enabling the rapid exploration of chemical space Schrodinger has evaluated four different […]Read More

Regeneron’s RGC Signs a Research Collaboration with Colorado Center to

Shots: RGC and CCPM to create genomics database of 450,000 DNA samples and corresponding health record from de- identified patients who participated in UCHealth system, and will sequence the DNA samples while producing genomic data which will facilitate translational medical research enabling treatment option for patients The focus of the collbaortaion is to pair the […]Read More

Boehringer Ingelheim Collaborates with Insilico on AI-Based Drug Discovery

Shots: The collaboration will utilize Insilico’s generative ML technology and Pandomics discovery platform to identify potential therapeutic targets implicated in multiple diseases Insilico’s Pandomics platform will foster Boehringer’s capabilities to explore and identify drug targets and improves the drug discovery process contributing to human health In Jan 2020, Insilico Medicine allied with skincare firm Beiersdorf […]Read More

CELLINK Expands its Multi-Target Collaboration with AstraZeneca for Drug Discovery

Shots: CELLINK expand the collaboration for 12 months and will provide bioprinters and bioinks for acceleration of the exploration of novel targets in AstraZeneca’s 5 main therapy areas: oncology, respiratory, and cardiovascular, renal and metabolic diseases The focus of the collaboration is to utilize CELLINK’s portfolio for the creation of seamless workflow from pre-bioprinting preparation […]Read More

PhoreMost Signs Multi-Project Drug Discovery Collaboration with Otsuka Pharmaceutical to

Shots: The companies collaborated to identify targets for Otsuka’s therapeutics discovery programmes by leveraging PhoreMost’s expertise and next-generation phenotypic screening platform, SITESEEKER Otsuka will validate the novel targets identified in the collaboration as part of its internal development pipeline with an initial focus on gene therapy applications of identified targets  PhoreMost’s SITESEEKER platform deploys protein […]Read More

Charles River Collaborates with Fios Genomics for Bioinformatics-Driven Drug Discovery

Shots: The collaboration provides Charles River’s client access to Fios Genomics’ expertise in bioinformatics, statistics and biology, assisting the sourcing and analysis datasets associated with the drug development including microarrays, NGS, proteomics, metabolomics, epigenetics and associated meta-data The agreement merges Fios’ biologically-relevant insights with Charles River’s drug discovery and development platform and the scientific expertise […]Read More

Kymera Signs a DNA-Encoded Library Based Drug Discovery Research Agreement

Shots: HitGen to receive upfront and milestones from Kymera. The companies collaborated to identify small molecule leads against targets of interest to Kymera HitGen will leverage its platform technology based on DNA-encoded libraries (DEL) to discover compounds, that will be exclusively licensed to Kymera HitGen’s DELs include encoded syntheses for hundreds of millions of novels, […]Read More

PhoreMost Signs a Multi-Project Drug Discovery Agreement with Boehringer Ingelheim

Shots: PhoreMost to receive upfront and research funding plus milestones and will utilize its expertise and phenotypic screening platform, SITESEEKER for the targets identified by BI and will be further included in and validated in BI’s pipeline The focus of the agreement is to enhance BI’s drug discovery pipeline utilizing PhoreMost’s PROTEINi and SITESEEKER platform […]Read More

Almirall to Accelerate Drug Discovery Process Utilizing Iktos’ AI Technology

Shots: Almirall will leverage Iktos’s generative modeling AI technology for compound optimization and accelerating the identification of drug candidates for its drug discovery program The collaboration will provide an opportunity to Almirall to combine its expertise with Iktos’ AI precision and celerity to improve QoL Iktos’ AI technology is based on deep generative models helps […]Read More