Top 20 Animal Health Companies Based on 2019 Revenue

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Top 20 Animal Health Companies Based on 2019 Revenue

Healthy animals contribute to the elimination of hunger and sustainable food production. The diseases that affect animal health also affect humans. Tackling them while they are present in animals not only safeguards our health- but it is also easier- more effective- and less expensive to address. Monitoring animal health and preventing animal disease outbreaks is vital to the economy and safety of the food supply. Production of healthy livestock helps to ensure a safe food supply and keep consumer prices stable. In the top 20 ledgers- Zoetis ensured the top position with total revenue of $6.26B. Our team at PharmaShots has compiled the report of the top 20 Animal Health companies based on the 2019 animal health revenue.

Revenue: $0.07B 

Founded Year: 1954

Market Cap: $3.2B

Total Employees: ~11,696

Headquarters: Novo mesto- Slovenia- Europe

Stock Exchange: WSE

KRKA is an international generic pharmaceutical company. The Company produces prescription and over-the-counter drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular- gastrointestinal- infectious- central nervous system- blood- respiratory tract- musculoskeletal- urogenital- and dermatological diseases. Krka's modern animal health products provide effective and simple management of the most important bacterial infections- parasitic diseases- and pain control.

Revenue: $0.09B

Founded Year: 1988

Market Cap: $0.11B

Total Employees: ~220

Headquarters: North Yorkshire- England

Stock Exchange: LON

Animalcare Group is an international veterinary sales and marketing organization operating in seven countries and exports to approximately 32 countries in Europe and a further 16 worldwide. The Group develops and supplies veterinary pharmaceutical products and services to support the veterinary profession.

Revenue: $0.096B

Founded Year: 1917

Market Cap: $0.11B

Total Employees: ~3,265

Headquarters: Espoo- Finland

Stock Exchange: NYSE

Orion is a globally operating Finnish pharmaceutical company that develops- manufactures- and markets human and veterinary pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients. The newest addition to Orion's proprietary products is the prescription medicine Sileo (dexmedetomidine) oromucosal gel for dogs suffering from acute noise anxiety.

Revenue: $0.097B

 Founded Year: 1972

Market Cap: $0.20B

Total Employees: ~217

Headquarters: New Malden- England

Stock Exchange: LON

Eco Animal Health Group PLC is a United Kingdom-based engaged in the manufacture and marketing of animal health products. The company's product portfolio includes Aivlosin - macrolide antibiotic for the treatment of respiratory and enteric diseases in pigs and poultry; Ecomectin- Ecoheart- Ecotraz- and Ecomintic for treatment and prevention of parasites in cattle- sheep- pigs- horses- and dogs and Chlortetracycline and Oxytetracycline for treatment of bacterial infections in pigs.

Revenue: $0.12B

Founded Year: 1988

Market Cap: $1.19B

Total Employees: ~386

Headquarters: Loveland- Colorado- United States

Stock Exchange: NASDAQ

Heska was created by veterinary professionals for veterinary professionals dedicated to perfecting and supporting the core technology and services that truly impact the quality of pet care and help to ensure positive outcomes for veterinarians and their patients. Heska provides state-of-the-art chemistry- hematology- and blood gas & electrolyte systems- single-step heartworm- early renal health screens- allergy testing- and allergy treatment.

Revenue:  $0.15B

Founded Year: 1987

Market Cap: $0.30B

Total Employees: ~1200

Headquarters: S'o Paulo- Brazil

Stock Exchange: BVMF

Ouro Fino Saude Animal is engaged in the production and sale of veterinary drugs- vaccines- and other products for cattle- pigs- poultry- sheep- horses- goats- and pets. The company's reportable segments are Production animals- Companion animals- and International operations. It generates maximum revenue from the Production animals segment. The product portfolio includes Anticoccidians- Antimicrobials- Biological- Ectoparasiticides- Endectocides- Fortifiers / Supplements- and others.

Revenue:   $0.15B

Founded Year: 2002

Market Cap: $O.49B

Total Employees: ~1,700

Headquarters: Bangalore- India

Stock Exchange: NSE

Sequent Scientific Ltd is an India-based integrated pharmaceutical company operating an animal and a human health division. The Company operates in three segments which include active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)- Analytical Services- and Animal Health. The Company's APIs in animal health include Albendazole- Buparavaquone- Butaphosphan and Nitroscanate- and others.

Revenue: $0.41B

Founded Year: 1981

Market Cap: $3.84B

Total Employees: ~1,764

Headquarters: Lansing- Michigan- United States

Stock Exchange: NASDAQ

Neogen develops and markets products and services dedicated to food and animal safety. The company's diagnostic products are used by food and animal producers to test for foodborne bacteria- food allergen- natural toxins- drug- and chemical residues- plant diseases- and quality assurance.

Revenue: $0.44B

Founded Year: 1933

Market Cap: $1.24B

Total Employees: ~2,372

Headquarters: Lure- France

Stock Exchange: EPA

Vetoquinol is a veterinary pharmaceutical laboratory that develops- manufactures- and markets veterinary drugs and non-medicinal products and services in Europe- North America- and Asia-Pacific. With a presence in 24 countries through its subsidiaries- its strong network of 100 distributor partners provides visibility for its products in more than 80 countries.

Revenue: $0.52B

Founded Year: 1955

Market Cap: - N/A

Total Employees: ~1,375

Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku- Tokyo

Stock Exchange: - N/A

Kyoritsu Seiyaku Corporation manufactures drugs for animals. It develops- manufactures- and distributes various drugs for animals- pet care products- veterinary diet- and pet food- as well as provides veterinary services. Kyoritsu Seiyaku also offers human pharmaceuticals such as infertility and osteoporosis treatment drugs.

Revenue: $0.60B

Founded Year: 1997

Market Cap: $4.87B

Total Employees: ~1,753

Headquarters: Lostock Gralam- United Kingdom

Stock Exchange: LON

Dechra Pharmaceuticals is an international pharmaceutical business focused on the veterinary market- with its key area of specialization being the development and marketing of companion animal products. The Company is engaged in the development- manufacturing- and marketing of products for veterinarians.

Revenue: $0.80B

Founded Year: 1946

Market Cap: $0.77B

Total Employees: ~1,700

Headquarters: Teaneck- New Jersey- United States

Stock Exchange: NASDAQ

Phibro Animal Health is an animal health and mineral nutrition company. The Company offers antibacterials- anticoccidials- anthelmintics- vaccines- and nutritional products for the treatment of animals and serves personal care- industrial chemical- and chemical catalyst industries worldwide.

Revenue: $1.05B

Founded Year: 1968

Market Cap: $2.08B

Total Employees: ~4,900

Headquarters: Carros- France

Stock Exchange: EPA

Virbac is a France-based veterinarian pharmaceutical company specializing in the development and production of vaccines and medicines for domestic animals and livestock. Its development is focused mainly on formulating drugs designed to prevent or cure certain animal diseases.

Revenue: $1.76B

Founded Year: 1863

Market Cap: $55.67B

Total Employees: ~1,03,824

Headquarters: Leverkusen- Germany

Stock Exchange: ETR

Bayer is a life science company- and its segments include Pharmaceuticals- Consumer Health- Crop Science- and Animal Health. Bayer's Animal Health segment is engaged in the development- production- and marketing of prescription and nonprescription veterinary products. Bayer has completed the sale of its Animal Health business unit to Elanco in Aug 2020.

Revenue:  $2.25B

Founded Year: 1983

Market Cap: $38.82B

Total Employees: ~9,200

Headquarters: Westbrook- Maine- United States

Stock Exchange: NASDAQ

Idexx Laboratories provides diagnostic- detection- and information systems for veterinary- food- and water testing applications. The Company also operates an international network of veterinary reference laboratories and offers its products to customers worldwide.

Revenue: $3.07B

Founded Year: 1954

Market Cap: $14.14B

Total Employees: ~5,760

Headquarters: Greenfield- Indiana- United States

Stock Exchange: NYSE

Elanco is a global animal health company that develops- manufactures- and markets products for companion and food animals and serves clients worldwide. Elanco acquired Bayer AG's animal health unit in a deal valued at $7.6B- creating one of the biggest stand-alone veterinary medicine companies in the world.

Revenue: $3.97B

Founded Year: 2018

Market Cap: $3.37B

Total Employees: ~5,500

Headquarters: Portland- Maine

Stock Exchange: NASDAQ

Covetrus is a global animal-health company that provides animal-health technology and services. The Company combines practice management software- prescription management- multi-channel client engagement services- and supply chain infrastructure to promote connectivity between veterinarians and their clients worldwide.

Revenue: $4.39

 Founded Year: 1891

Market Cap: $205.08B

Total Employees: ~71,000

Headquarters: Kenilworth- New Jersey- United States

Stock Exchange: NYSE

MSD Animal Health- a division of Merck provides services and technologies- to prevent- treat- and control diseases across all major farm and companion animal species. It consists of commercial offices in more than 50 countries and business operations in more than 150 markets and runs a global network of manufacturing and R&D facilities

Revenue: $4.53B

Founded Year: 1885

Market Cap: - N/A

Total Employees: ~51,000

Headquarters: Ingelheim Am Rhein- Germany

Stock Exchange: - N/A

Boehringer Ingelheim serves clients worldwide- researches- develops- and manufactures pharmaceutical products- as well as offers prescription medicines and consumer health care products for human and animal health. The Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health business is a global leader in the animal health industry and a part of Boehringer Ingelheim.

Revenue: $6.26B

Founded Year: 2012

Market Cap: $78.40B

Total Employees: ~10,600

Headquarters: Madison- New Jersey- United States

Stock Exchange: NYSE

Zoetis is a global leader in the discovery- development- manufacture- and commercialization of animal health medicines- vaccines- and diagnostic products with a focus on both livestock and companion animals. It commercializes products primarily across species- including livestock- such as cattle- swine- poultry- fish- and sheep; and companion animals comprising dogs- cats- and horses.

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