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Top 20 Animal Health Companies Based on 2019 Revenue

Healthy animals contribute to the elimination of hunger and sustainable food production. The diseases that affect animal health also affect humans. Tackling them while they are present in animals not only safeguards our health, but it is also easier, more effective, and less expensive to address. Monitoring animal health and preventing animal disease outbreaks is […]Read More

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Amgen Collaborates with Orion for Commercialization of Amgevita (adalimumab, biosimilar)

Shots: Amgevita is indicated to treat chronic inflammatory diseases such as moderate-to-severe RA, IBD and psoriasis Amgen Biosimilar Amgevita, is a novel adalimumab’s biosimilar to be marketed in Finland. On 23 Mar, 2017 Amgevita received EU approval for inflammatory diseases in adults In 2013, Orion marketed first infliximab’s biosimilar in Finland post its marketing approval. […]Read More