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Top 20 Oncology Companies by Total Products

To remain successful in the oncology market, change is now a key to adapt to this altering market dynamics. A recent development in science and technology platforms are likely to grow faster for cancer treatment in comparison to other therapy areas. However, despite robust levels of pipeline activity, oncology remains a challenging area for research […]Read More


Insights+: Novel Approvals of February 2020

The US FDA has approved multiple NDAs and BLAs in Feb 2020, leading to treatments for patients and advances in health care The Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) and Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) have approved 13 novel products so far in 2020, including 10 in Feb and 3 in Jan […]Read More


Novartis Highlights its Blockbuster Portfolio at R&D Day 2019

Shots: Novartis reports that it has 60 projects in P-II with expected 10+ products to enter in P-III study in 2020 & 2021 while 90% of them are first-in-class or first-in-indication therapies. Novartis emphasizes its focus on innovative medicines, diversification across therapeutic areas and exposure to cutting-edge platforms Novartis presents its emerging assets including Iscalimab […]Read More


Kamada Collaborates with Alvotech to Commercialize its Six Biosimilar Products

Shots: Kamada will commercialize Alvotech’s biosimilar portfolio consisting of 6 products in Israel, upon its Israeli Ministry of Health (IMOH) approval while Alvotech will remain responsible for development, manufacturing and supply of all products The collaboration leverages Kamada’s expertise and presence in the Israeli market and enables Kamada to benefit from the long-term growth potential […]Read More


P&G to Acquire “This is L.” for its Feminine Care

Shots: P&G has acquired This Is L. in all stock transaction, to meet the demands for women using period products including tampons, sanitary napkins, liners and wipes The focus of acquisition is to strengthen P&G’s Feminine Care portfolio including Always and Tampax products with expansion of its footprints worldwide supporting women and girls P&G ‘s […]Read More