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PharmaShots Weekly Snapshot (April 20 -24, 2020)

1. Sanofi Receives the US FDA’s Approval for its MenQuadfi Meningococcal (MenACWY) Conjugate Vaccine Published: Apr 23, 2020 | Tags: Sanofi, Receives, US, FDA, Approval, MenQuadfi, Meningococcal, MenACWY, Conjugate Vaccine 2.  Takeda to Divest Select OTC and Non-Core Assets in Europe to Orifarm for $670M Published: Apr 24, 2020 | Tags: Takeda, Divest, Select OTC and […]Read More

Top 20 BioPharma Companies based on 2019 Total Revenue

The global biopharma companies are developing novel therapies & devices which is, in turn, enhancing their portfolio and encouraging them in this undergoing competition to stay in the topmost position. The top 20 companies’ chartbusters changed their 2019 ranking, but the history of Johnson and Johnson did not change and it continued being at the […]Read More

Merck & Co. Reports the Resubmission of sBLA to the

Shots: The company resubmits the sBLA to the FDA for updating the dosing frequency for Keytruda, to include a 400mg dose infused over 30mis q6w, in addition to the currently approved dose of 200mg q3w Merck has filed the resubmission addressing the Complete Response Letter issued in Febr’2020 and filed sBLA across all indications of […]Read More

PharmaShots Weekly Snapshot (March 16-20, 2020)

1. Merck Collaborates with Dragonfly to Develop and Commercialize Novel Therapies Utilizing TriNKET Platform Published: Mar 19, 2020 | Tags: Merck, Collaborates, Dragonfly, Develop, Commercialize, Novel Therapies, Utilizing, TriNKET Platform 2.  BGI Reports the Availability of RT-PCR SARS-CoV-2 Test for Clinical Use in the US Published: Mar 20, 2020 | Tags: BGI, Reports, Availability, RT-PCR, SARS-CoV-2 […]Read More

Merck & Co. Reports Results of Gefapixant (MK-7264) in Two

Shots: The two P-III studies (COUGH-1 &-2) involves assessing of gefapixant (45mg, 15mg, bid) vs PBO in 732 & 1,317 patients with refractory or unexplained chronic cough with 1EP as 24hrs. cough/hr. @12wks. and 24wks. respectively Gefapixant (45mg, bid) arm met its 1EPs i.e, decrease in 24hrs. coughs/hr. @12wks. & 24wks. while gefapixant (15mg, bid) […]Read More

Insights+ Key Biosimilars Events of February 2020

Biosimilars are developed to be highly similar versions of approved biologics in terms of safety, purity, and potency. Biosimilars are expected to be a cost-effective alternative to high-priced branded biologics, offering significant and much-needed cost savings to both payers and patients. Hence providers are likely to adopt biosimilars “a reference product to biologics” possessing similar […]Read More

Merck & Co’s Ervebo (Ebola Zaire Vaccine, Live) Receives Approval

Shots: The Ervebo has received approval in DRC, Burundi, Ghana, and Zambia, following the implementation of the WHO’s Roadmap for introduction & roll‐out of Merck’s rVSV-ZEBOV Ebola virus vaccine in African countries  The 4 countries have licensed an Ebola vaccine within 90 days after WHO prequalification with its anticipated registration in other African countries in […]Read More

PharmaShots Weekly Snapshot (February 10-14, 2020)

1. Epizyme Reports the US FDA Acceptance of NDA for Tazverik (tazemetostat) to Treat Follicular Lymphoma Published: Feb 14, 2020 | Tags: Epizyme, Reports, US, FDA, Acceptance, NDA, Tazverik, tazemetostat, Follicular Lymphoma 2. Soligenix’s RiVax Receives the US FDA’s Fast Track Designation for the Prevention of Ricin Poisoning Published: Feb 13, 2020 | Tags: Soligenix, RiVax, Receives, […]Read More

PharmaShots Weekly Snapshot (February 03-07, 2020)

WHO to Accelerate Global Research and Innovation Against Corona Virus Published: Feb 06, 2020 | Tags: WHO, Accelerate, Global, Research, Innovation, Against, Corona Virus 2.  Curis Amends its Existing Collaboration with Aurigene for the Development and Commercialization of CA-170 Published: Feb 07, 2020 | Tags: Curis, Amends, Existing Collaboration, Aurigene, Development, Commercialization, CA-170 3.  Novo […]Read More