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Roche Reports Updated Results of Hemlibra (emicizumab) in P-III HAVEN

Shots: The P-III HAVEN (1,2,3, & 4) studies involve assessing of Hemlibra in patients with hemophilia A with/out factor VIII inhibitors resulted in zero treat bleeds @83wks., 87% with no treated joint bleeds, 92% with no spontaneous bleeds @25wks., improvement in QoL The P-IIIb STASEY study reinforces safety profile of Hemlibra in 88 patients with […]Read More

BrightInsight Launches a CE-Marked Dosing Calculator for Emicizumab to Treat

Shots: BrightInsight’s CE-marked dosing calculator enables health care professionals to determine the correct dosage & number of vials based on recommended dosage for the treatment of Hemophilia A with its development & distribution sponsored by Roche The calculator helps in determining the correct loading and maintenance dose of emicizumab based on BrightInsight’s Internet of Things […]Read More