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Top 20 Generics Pharma Companies Based On 2019 Revenue

The global generics pharmaceutical market has become an intimidating segment of the pharmaceutical drug market which continuously growing and increasing with its accessibility & benefits offered as efficient and economical drugs. Generics are approved copies of small molecule drugs that contain the same amount of active ingredients, dosage form, safety, strength, route of administration, quality, […]Read More

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Top 20 Diagnostics Companies Based On 2018 Revenue

With the era of growing diseases, Diagnostics have played a vital role in diagnosing multiple diseases and disorders. The healthcare system is changing, with a greater focus on value, reducing errors and giving more cost-effective care and treatments. The Diagnostic ledger has not changed much in comparison to 2017. Roche Diagnostics holds to be at […]Read More

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Top 10 Oncology Companies By 2018 Revenue

The Pharma companies focusing on oncology has been emerging in market with greater needs of people suffering from Cancer. The sales of oncology drugs gradually increasing with diseases. The top oncology companies are now developing more advanced, effective, and tolerable drugs to improve treatment outcomes and the patient experience. Roche proved to be on top […]Read More


Verily Collaborates with Global Pharma Companies to Develop Clinical Research

Shots: Verily enters into a collaboration with Novartis, Otsuka, Pfizer and Sanofi for the development of technology-enabled, patient-centered clinical research programs utilizing Verily’s Project Baseline Platform The focus of the collaboration is to involve more patients & clinicians in clinical research, increasing the speed of evidence generation and to improve clinical research operations by adapting […]Read More

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Top 20 BioPharma Companies based on 2018 Total Revenue

Top 20 BioPharma Companies based on 2018 Total Revenue The global pharma companies have been advancing their pipelines with emerging needs of patients. Pharma companies are also focusing on diagnostics & devices, which were emerged as one of major revenue generator in 2018, with the development of new products and devices. The year 2018 also […]Read More