Amgen Reports Results of Blincyto (blinatumomab) in Two P-III Studies

Shots: The P-III 20120215 study involves assessing of Blincyto vs SoC consolidation CT in pediatric patients with high-risk first relapsed B-cell ALL, being conducted as part of the PIP agreed b/w Amgen & the EMA, resulted in meeting its 1EPs of event-free survival The P-III COG AALL1331 study involves assessing of Blincyto +CT vs CT […]Read More

Amgen’s Blincyto (blinatumomab) Receives EU Expanded Indication Approval for Ph-

Shots: The expanded approval is based on P-II BLAST study results assessing Blincyto (15ug/m2/d @4wks.) in patients with 3L + MRD-positive ALL in complete hematologic remission, evaluating its efficacy, safety, and tolerability The study resulted in complete MRD response or no detectable MRD, relapse-free survival, eliminating detectable residual disease with safe and effective results in […]Read More