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Philips Collaborates with Merck KGaA to Advance Personalized Fertility Treatment

Shots: The companies have launched a multi-year collaboration to bring digital technologies to fertility treatments integrating informatics, mobile ultrasound diagnostics and more The collaboration build on Philips’ expertise in maternal & fetal monitoring, Pregnancy+, Baby+ consumer engagement apps, which provide information on diet and exercise along with updates on the baby’s development The companies will […]Read More


Merck KGaA Collaborates with Iktos to Deploy AI in New

Shots: Iktos will leverage its de novo generative design technology to be used in a structure-enabled context, facilitating the rapid & cost-effective design of Merck KGaA’s drug discovery program The collaboration follows the previous agreement of the companies signed in 2019. Merck KGaA is utilizing Iktos’ de novo design software platform Makya for MPO Iktos’ […]Read More


ViewPoints Article: Digital Healthcare in India – Current Trends &

Digital healthcare means using communications and information technologies in medicine to diagnose, predict, treat, and monitor diseases. It is also widely used for prognosis, rehabilitation, behavioral health, and public health.  Indians have witnessed a surge of smartphone and internet use since the last decade. This had led to an easier delivery of smart digital solutions. […]Read More


Novartis Signs an Agreement with Dyno to Develop Novel AVV

Shots: Dyno to receive upfront, research funding, license fees, clinical, regulatory & sales milestones and royalties on WW sales. The company will also utilize its AI technology & its suite of machine learning plus experimental tools for the designing and discovery of novel AAV capsids Novartis will be responsible for conducting pre-clinical, clinical trials including […]Read More


Almirall to Accelerate Drug Discovery Process Utilizing Iktos’ AI Technology

Shots: Almirall will leverage Iktos’s generative modeling AI technology for compound optimization and accelerating the identification of drug candidates for its drug discovery program The collaboration will provide an opportunity to Almirall to combine its expertise with Iktos’ AI precision and celerity to improve QoL Iktos’ AI technology is based on deep generative models helps […]Read More


AstraZeneca Collaborates with DeepMatter for Optimization of Compound Synthesis Leveraging

Shots: AstraZeneca team up with DeepMatter to utilize its digital technologies enabled with ML and AI to improve the productivity and reproducibility of compound synthesis The collaboration leverages DeepMatter’s Digital Glassware data collection and structuring technology to be used with AstraZeneca’s automated compound synthesis platform Digital Glassware enables users to capture and analyze a rich […]Read More


Humana and Microsoft Collaborate to Reimagine Health Leveraging Azure Cloud

Shots: Humana signs a 7-year strategic partnership with Microsoft to build predictive and personalized health care solutions, helping its member to manage health issues utilizing Microsoft’s Azure cloud, Azure AI and Microsoft 365 technologies along with interoperability standards like FHIR Initially, Humana will modernize its technology platforms preferring Microsoft as a cloud provider and aggregate […]Read More


Silver Cloud Health Partners with Microsoft to Deploy AI for

Shots: Microsoft & Silver Cloud collaborate to enhance its online offering with AI and had been working together over the past 18 mos. conducting research that combines Microsoft’s machine learning and AI technologies with SilverCloud’s expertise in real-world delivery of evidence-based interventions and mental health outcomes The companies together explore machine learning & AI enabling […]Read More


Novigenix Collaborates with BioLizard to Develop AI-Based Diagnostic Algorithm for

Shots: BioLizard to develop an AI-based bioinformatics algorithm supporting the transition of its Immuno-Transcriptomic RT-PCR based product, Colox onto Novigenix’s LITOseek platform for early colon cancer detection as well as with other products under development The collaboration involves BioLizard expertise in bioinformatics, machine learning, AI and data mining to co-develop the clinical diagnostic algorithm for […]Read More