PharmaShots Weekly Snapshots (April 29 – May 03, 2024)

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PharmaShots Weekly Snapshots (April 29 – May 03, 2024)

This week PharmaShots’ news was all about the updates on M&A, Pharma, Clinical Trials, Regulatory & MedTech. Check out our full report below:

Daiichi Sankyo and AstraZeneca Report the P-III (DESTINY-Breast06) Study Data of Enhertu to Treat Breast Cancer

Read More: Daiichi Sankyo & AstraZeneca                                    

Merck Reports Data from the P-III (STRIDE-10) Trial of V116 Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine for Adults

Read More: Merck                                                                                                  

Veru Reports First Patient Enrollment in the P-IIb Study of Enobosarm Plus Semaglutide for High Quality Weight Loss

Read More: Veru                                                                                                         

Jacobio Pharma Reports Data from the P-II Study of Glecirasib for Treating Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Read More: Jacobio Pharma                                                                                    

Merck Reports the P-III (KEYNOTE-811) Study Data of Keytruda Plus Trastuzumab and Chemotherapy for G/GEJ Adenocarcinoma

Read More: Merck                                                                                                

AstraZeneca Reports Data from the P-III (ECHO) Study of Calquence Combination Regimen for Mantle Cell Lymphoma

Read More: AstraZeneca                                                                                            

Aileron Therapeutics Reports Cohort 1 Results from the P-Ib Study of LTI-03 for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF)

Read More: Aileron Therapeutics                                                                           

Boehringer Ingelheim Collaborates with Walgreens to Improve Clinical Trials Access

Read More: Boehringer Ingelheim & Walgreens                                                  

Remix Therapeutics Reports First Patient Dosing in Two of REM-422’s P-I Studies for Treating ACC and AML or High-Risk MDS

Read More: Remix Therapeutics                                                                             

Organogenesis Reports the P-III Study Data of ReNu for Knee Osteoarthritis

Read More: Organogenesis                                                                                        


The US FDA Approves the Label Update of Gilead’s Biktarvy for Pregnant Adults with HIV

Read More: Gilead                                                                                                        

Takeda’s Fruquintinib Gains the CHMP’s Positive Opinion for Previously Treated Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

Read More: Takeda                                                                                                      

AstraZeneca’s Truqap Plus Faslodex Receives the CHMP’s Positive Opinion for Treating Breast Cancer

Read More: AstraZeneca                                                                                               

Johnson & Johnson’s Sirturo Gains the CHMP’s Positive Opinion to Treat Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis

Read More: Johnson & Johnson                                                                              

X4 Pharmaceuticals’ Xolremdi Receives the US FDA’s Approval for the Treatment of WHIM Syndrome

Read More: X4 Pharmaceuticals                                                                                 

Taysha Gene Therapies’ TSHA-102 Receives the US FDA’s Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapy Designation for Rett Syndrome

Read More: Taysha Gene Therapies                                                                           

Amolyt Pharma’s Eneboparatide Receives the US FDA’s Fast Track Designation for Hypoparathyroidism

Read More: Amolyt Pharma                                                                                        


Repertoire Immune Medicines and BMS Partner to Develop Tolerizing Vaccines for Autoimmune Diseases

Read More: Repertoire Immune Medicines & BMS                                          

Bayer and Evotec Join Forces to Develop Treatment for Cardiovascular Diseases

Read More: Bayer & Evotec                                                                                

PeptiDream Expands its Partnership with Novartis for Peptide Discovery

Read More: Novartis & PeptiDream                                                                         

G1 Therapeutics Partners with Pepper Bio for Lerociclib

Read More: G1 Therapeutics & Pepper Bio                                                            

Astellas Collaborates with Poseida Therapeutics to Develop New Allogeneic Cell Therapies in Oncology

Read More: Astellas Collaborates & Poseida Therapeutics                               


Abbott's Esprit BTK System Gains the US FDA’s Approval for Chronic Limb-Threatening Ischemia (CLTI) Below-The-Knee (BTK)

Read More: Abbott                                                                                                

Natera Introduces Fetal RhD NIPT Test to Aid Physicians and Patients During RhIg Shortage

Read More: Natera                                                                                               


ONO Pharmaceutical Reports Acquisition of Deciphera Pharmaceuticals for $2.4B

Read More: ONO Pharmaceutical & Deciphera Pharmaceuticals           

Harmony Biosciences Expands its CNS Pipeline Through the Acquisition of Epygenix Therapeutics

Read More: Harmony Biosciences & Epygenix Therapeutics                           

Quest Diagnostics Reports the Acquisition of PathAI Diagnostics to Enhance Cancer Diagnosis

Read More: Quest Diagnostics & PathAI Diagnostics                                    

Novartis to Acquire Mariana Oncology, Expanding its Radioligand Therapy Pipeline

Read More: Novartis & Mariana Oncology                                                         


Zoetis Reports Divestiture of its Medicated Feed Additive Portfolio to Phibro Animal Health

Read More: Zoetis                             


The US FDA Approves High Concentration of Boehringer Ingelheim's Cyltezo (Biosimilar, Humira)

Read More: Boehringer Ingelheim                                                    

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