Pre-Conference Interviews: ISPE Singapore Conference & Exhibition 2023

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Pre-Conference Interviews: ISPE Singapore Conference & Exhibition 2023

The ISPE Singapore Affiliate Conference & Exhibition is one of the largest and most renowned pharmaceutical manufacturing shows in Singapore for pharmaceutical and biomanufacturing professionals. The annual event highlights the best practices and services from manufacturing facility design to finished products.

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We are thrilled to announce that we are taking the conference experience to the next level! With the spirit of building anticipation and fostering deeper connections, we are proud to introduce the Pre-Conference Interviews!

Below is a series of exclusive conversations with the esteemed speakers and key personalities who will be gracing the event.

The first on the list is the interview with AstraZeneca's APAC Lean Academy Lead Benjamin Sauer. Benjamin looks forward to presenting a critical thinking session at the upcoming ISPE conference. Benjamin believes that critical thinking plays a crucial role in decision-making and executing strategies, especially when we are dealing with new-age technologies. Watch the full video below to get deep insights.

Next in line is a gripping conversation with Dr. Pengchao (Linus) Hao, Scientific Strategic Director at Hangzhou Cobetter Filtration Equipment Co. Pengchao shares the prospects of the upcoming ISPE conference. An informative session will be presented by Pengchao on scientific instructions for changes in pharmaceutical process components, followed by a discussion on integrating the right validation while analyzing experiments, and lastly, he will shed some light on the changes that occur during different stages of pharmaceutical development.

Our third video features Dr. Jörg Block, GMP Compliance Engineering- Bayer AG Pharmaceuticals. Jörg shares the prospects of his upcoming session at the ISPE conference. Jörg looks forward to presenting his session on the regulatory requirements to support the commissioning area and later deriving the insights to determine qualification. Jörg is a staunch believer in the use of Good Engineering Practices in the industry to expedite the processes of commissioning and qualifications.

Our last interview features Peiqing Zhang Strategic Technology Partnership Leader Cell and Gene Therapy, APAC-Cytiva, Chair of Organization Committee, ISPE. Peiqing looks forward to the three-day conference, which aims to bring together speakers, panelists, and HCPs from around the world. Peiqing further shares brief prospects on the upcoming programs designed for the symposium. August 23rd, Day 1: Online Presentation August 24th & 25th, Day 2nd and 3rd: In-person presentation delving deep into the challenges the Biotech industry faces, solutions, opportunities, and regulatory compliances, keynote presentations, and panel discussions. The presenters and speakers will cover various topics that include Digital Transformations, Pharma 4.0, Advanced Manufacturing/ ATMPs, Novel Manufacturing Practices, and Supply Chain Resiliency.

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