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Zydus Launches Cheapest Version of Remdesivir at $37.41 per Vial

Shots: The company has launched Remdec at a price of $37.41 (Rs. 2800) for a 100mg lyophilized injection. The generic version is the most economical Remdesivir brand in India In Jun’2020, Zydus signed a non-exclusive agreement with Gilead to manufacture and commercialize Remdesivir for severe COVID-19 in India. The API of the therapy has been […]Read More

Cipla Launches Cipremi at $53.34 per Vial in India

Shots: Cipla has priced its generic version of remdesivir, Cipremi at Rs 4000 ($53.34/ 100ml) vial, making it the lowest priced COVID-19 therapy across the globe, when compared with Hetero’s Covifor which is sold at Rs 5,400/ 100 mg vial and Mylan’s Desrem is priced at Rs 4,800. The company focuses on supplying over 80,000 […]Read More

Gilead Unveils the Price of Remdesivir as $390 per Vial

Shots: Gilead will price its COVID-19 treatment at $390/ vial in the US and other developed countries, with a 5days treatment course of 6 vials costing $2340/ patient while the price for private insurance companies will be $520/ vial Pricing the remdesivir at low value ensures the broad and equitable access for the therapy during […]Read More