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MatriSys Report Results of MSB-0221 in P-I study for the

Shots: The P-I trial involves assessing MSB-0221 (ShA9) or vehicle applied topically on forearm skin in 54 adults with staphylococcus aureus-positive AD for 1week The expression of mRNA for psmα was inhibited from S. aureus isolated from all participants while the correlation was observed within 7days b/w improvement in local eczema severity and killing of […]Read More


Bausch’s Duobrii (Halobetasol Propionate and Tazarotene) Receives FDA’s Approval for

Shots: The approval is based on collective study results assessing Duobrii in patients with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis The studies resulted in superior results in comparison with vehicle, @4/2 wks. (36%, 45% vs 7%, 13%)  Duobrii (halobetasol propionate and tazarotene) Lotion, 0.01%/0.045%  is a prescription drug used on the skin to treat adults with plaque […]Read More