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Health2Sync Divulges Benefits of Integrating Fitbit Wearable Devices into Diabetes

Shots: Health2Sync reported the results of their clinical study in Taiwan, demonstrating that integrating Fitbit wearable devices with their Health2Sync patient management platform can help users to control T2DM Results: reduction in HbA1C (0.33%); patients who did mod. to high-intensity activity duration of at least 150mins/ week, reduction in HbA1C (0.66%); reduction in fasting BG […]Read More


Mundipharma Collaborates with Samsung Bioepis to Commercialize Multiple Biosimilar Candidates

Shots: Mundipharma to get exclusive commercialization rights for Samsung Bioepis’ first-wave biosimilar candidates in Taiwan and Hong Kong while Samsung Bioepis will remain MAH, responsible for the development, regulatory and manufacturing activities of therapies The biosimilar candidates include SB5 (adalimumab), SB4 (etanercept), SB3 (trastuzumab), and SB8 (bevacizumab) targeting immunology & oncology The collaboration combines Samsung […]Read More


AstraZeneca Reports Results of Lokelma (sodium zirconium cyclosilicate) in P-III

Shots: The global P-III HARMONIZE involves assessing of Lokelma (5/10mg) vs PBO in 267 patients with hyperkalaemia in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Russia across 47 locations P-III HARMONIZE Results: @48 hrs.: Achieved normokalaemia (mean K level 3.5-5.0 mEq/L) 93%; safety was consistent with previous trials. These results will support its registration in Japan, Korea, Taiwan […]Read More