Tags : Protein Degradation Therapies

Gilead Signs an Agreement with Nurix to Develop and Commercialize

Shots: Nurix to receive $45M upfront, up to $2.3B as milestones and royalties on sales, and will identify novel targets, utilizing its discovery platform & E3 ligases inducing degradation of targets. Nurix retains an option to co-develop and co-detail up to 2 programs with equal profit & loss sharing with split cost in the US, […]Read More

Vertex Signs a 4 Years Agreement with Kymera to Discover

Shots: Kymera to receive $70M upfront including equity investment, >$1B as development, regulatory & commercial milestones for up to 6 therapies opted by Vertex, royalties on sales of products and is responsible for clinical research activities. Vertex to get an option to license the developed molecules against designated targets The focus of the collaboration is […]Read More