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Exclusive Interview with PharmaShots: Kelly Pokuta and April Kunze of

In an exclusive interview with PharmaShots, Kelly Pokuta, Vice President of Pharmaceutical Trade Relations, and April Kunze, Senior Director, Clinical Formulary Development & Trend Management Strategy at Prime therapeutics share their views on the MedDrive as a first-of-its-kind medical drug management program uniquely aligned with its Blue Plan clients. Shots: Prime introduced the first-of-its-kind medical […]Read More


PharmaShots Interview: Rain Therapeutic’s Avanish Vellanki Shares Insight on the

In an interview with PharmaShots, Avanish Vellanki, CEO and Cofounder at Rain Therapeutics shared his views on the initiation of the P-III MANTRA trial to evaluate the safety & efficacy of Milademetan for dedifferentiated liposarcoma and provide updates about the company’s lead candidate, RAIN-32. Shots: The company initiates P-III MANTRA trial to evaluate safety & […]Read More