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Medtronic Launches Carpediem as the First Pediatric and Neonatal Acute

Shots: Following the US FDA’s approval granted in early 2020, the first Carpediem (Cardio-Renal Pediatric Dialysis Emergency Machine) were installed & use at Cincinnati Children’s HMC in the US Carpediem system is indicated for acute kidney injury or fluid overloaded patients requiring hemodialysis or hemofiltration therapy The system is intended to provide CRRT to patients […]Read More


Roche’s Rozlytrek (entrectinib) Receives MHLW’s Approval for NTRK Fusion-Positive Advanced

Shots: The approval is based on P-II STARTRK-2, P-I STARTRK-1, P-I ALKA-372-001 & P-I/II STARTRK-NG studies results assessing Rozlytrek in adults & pediatric patients with NTRK fusion-positive solid tumors, across 10 different tumor types, including CNS metastases solid tumors across 15 countries in 150+ clinical studies respectively   The P-II STARTRK-2 study demonstrated that Rozlytrek […]Read More


Bayer Reports Results of Nifurtimox in P-III CHICO Study for

Shots: TheP-III CHICO study involves assessing of Nifurtimox (120mg/30mg) vs PBO in 330 pediatric patients with acute or chronic Chagas disease across 25 sites including Argentina, Bolivia, and Colombia The P-III CHICO study results: met its 1EPs; superior serological response @60days treatment; safe profile at body weight-adjusted dosing Nifurtimox (120mg, 30mg) is a nitro heterocyclic […]Read More