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Eli Lilly Reports Dosing of its First Patient with Tirzepatide

Shots: The P-III SURPASS-CVOT study involves assessing non-inferiority and superiority of tirzepatide vs Trulicity (dulaglutide, 15mg) in 12,500 patients with T2D and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease from 30 countries. The company expects for the completion of trial in four years The 1EPs will measure time to first occurrence of MACE-3, the composite endpoint of CV death, […]Read More

JHL Biotech Reports Dosing of its First Patient with JHL1266

Shots: The study involves assessing of JHL1266 vs Prolia sourced from the EU and the US in healthy human subjects evaluating its PK, PD, and immunogenicity The JHL1266 is proved to be a milestone and an initiative in bringing safe, effective, and high-quality biologics JHL1266 is a mAb targeting RANKL works by inhibition of developed […]Read More

Clover Reports First Patient Dosing in P-III Trial with SCB-808

Shots: The P-III study involves assessing of SCB-808 (SC) vs Enbrel (SC) in patients with ankylosing spondylitis (radiographic axial spondyloarthritis) to evaluate its safety, efficacy and PK The company utilizes its Trimer-Tag technology platform to develop novel therapies targeting trimerization-dependent pathways and is also leveraging its cGMP biomanufacturing capabilities to develop biosimilars SCB-808 is mAb […]Read More

Innovate Initiates its Dosing For P-III CeD LA 3001 Trial

Shots: The P-III study involves assessing of larazotide acetate as an adjuvant therapy vs PBO in patients with celiac disease who still experience symptoms despite being on a gluten-free diet Innovate marks to be the first company in patient dosing in P-III celiac disease. Larazotide has met 1EPs in P-IIb efficacy clinical trial enrolling 342 […]Read More

CorMedix Reports Results of Neutrolin in P-III LOCK-IT-100 Study for

Shots: The P-III LOCK-IT-100 Study involves assessing of Neutrolin vs heparin as a catheter lock solution in hemodialysis patients Th study resulted in reducing the risk of occurrence of catheter-related blood stream infections (CRBSI) by 72%, with safe and efficate results Neutrolin is non-antibiotic, antimicrobiaTYUIOl drug indicated for the prevention of bloodstream infections with the […]Read More