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Sanofi Reports Results of SAR442168 in P-IIb Study for Relapsing

Shots: The P-IIb study involves assessing SAR442168 vs PBO in patients with recurring MS. The one group of patients received 4 doses of SAR442168 @12wks., then crossed over to PBO @4wks. while the other group of patients received PBO @4wks. before crossing over to SAR442168 The P-IIb study resulted in meeting its 1EPs i.e. reduction […]Read More

GSK Reports Results of M72/AS01E in P-IIb Study for the

Shots: The P-IIb study involves assessing of M72/AS01E vs PBO in 3,573 adults in a ratio (1:1) to prevent Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection from developing pulmonary tuberculosis disease in tuberculosis-endemic regions across 11 sites in Kenya, South Africa and Zambia The P-IIb study results demonstrated a reduction in the incidence of pulmonary TB in HIV-negative adults […]Read More

Janssen Collaborates with Arrowhead for the Initiation of REEF-1 P-IIB

Shots: Janssen to pay ~$25M milestone payments to Arrowhead with the onset of trial and has begun the dosing of patients in REEF-1(NCT03982186) P-IIB study involving assessing of JNJ-3989, JNJ-6379, NA, and/or PBO in 450 patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection for 48 wks., evaluating its safety and efficacy Additionally, in Oct 2018 Arrowhead […]Read More