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Cadila Pharma Launches NuPTH Biosimilar to Forteo for the Treatment

Shots: Cadila has launched NuPTH an osteoporosis biosimilar of Forteo in India. The NuPTH is used for treatment of osteoporosis and in patients with increased risk of fracture. The biosimilar NuPTH aims to be cost-effective for patients and will be available as easy to use, pre-filled disposable pen NuPTH is the third biosimilar launched by […]Read More

EMA’s CHMP Recommends the Approval of Two Biosimilar Referencing Lilly’s

Shots: The CHMP has adopted the positive opinion recommending the approval of Theramex’s  Livogiva (biosimilar, teriparatide) intended for the treatment of osteoporosis and will be available as a solution for injection (20 micrograms/80 microliters) The CHMP has also recommend marketing authorization to EuroGenerics’ Qutavina (biosimilar, teriparatide) to treat osteoporosis, also available as a solution for […]Read More

Mochida Launches Teriparatide Biosimilar for the Treatment of Osteoporosis in

Shots: Mochida launched “Teriparatide BS subcutaneous injection Kit 600μg MOCHIDA” as it has been listed on the NIH reimbursement price list The launch will improve QoL and lead to the reduction of the financial burden of patients with osteoporosis. The teriparatide biosimilar has developed in collaboration with Gedeon Richter Teriparatide BS Injection Kit 600μg is […]Read More

Amgen and UCB’s Evenity (Romosozumab) Receive CHMP Positive Opinion to

Shots: The EMA’s CHMP has adopted a positive opinion recommending marketing authorization for Evenity (romosozumab) based on P-III global studies including FRAME, ARCH and BRIDGE studies assessing Evenity vs PBO and active comparator in ~11,000 postmenopausal women with osteoporosis at high risk of fracture and with no history of MI or stroke The CHMP’s recommendation […]Read More

Sandoz Reports Patient Enrollment in P-I/III ROSALIA Study of Proposed

Shots: The P-I/III ROSALIA study involves assessing of biosimilar denosumab vs reference product in 520 postmenopausal patients with osteoporosis for 52 wks. following re-randomization of patients receiving the reference therapy to either continue with a third dose or transition to biosimilar denosumab until @78wks. The aim of the study is to match bio similarity data […]Read More