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Genentech Collaborates with Scenic Biotech to Develop Novel Therapies Targeting

Shots: Scenic to receive ~$375M that includes up front, milestones along with royalties on sales of therapies emerges from the collaboration and will receive additional target fees for the therapies selected by Genentech The collaboration allows the Genentech to select multiple targets for further development with an option to extend the collaboration. Scenic will leverage […]Read More

AbbVie and Harvard University Collaborate to Develop Novel Therapies Against

Shots: AbbVie and Harvard University enter a $30M research alliance to study & develop novel therapies against emergent viral infections with an initial focus on coronavirus and the viruses leading to hemorrhagic fever The focus of the collaboration is to integrate fundamental biology into the pre/clinical development of new therapies for viral diseases AbbVie will […]Read More

Roche Collaborates with Jnana Therapeutics to Discover Novel Therapies to

Shots: Jnana to receive $40M upfront payment in cash and is eligible to get ~$1B as research funding, preclinical, development, and commercialization milestone along with royalties on sales of the therapies The partners will work on the discovery and preclinical development of therapies targeting key regulators of cellular metabolism to treat across immunology and neuroscience […]Read More

Merck Collaborates with Dragonfly to Develop and Commercialize Novel Therapies

Shots: Dragonfly to receive ~ $47.5M up front, equity investment, development & commercial milestones along with royalties on sales of approved therapies Merck to get an option to license exclusive IP rights for multiple candidates developed using Dragonfly’s TriNKET technology platform for new targets in oncology, infectious disease, and immune disorders Dragonfly’s TriNKET technology act […]Read More

LEO Pharma Signs an Option Agreement with Ubiquigent to Access

Shots: Ubiquigent to receive up front, option exercise fee and milestone payment. Leo Pharma to get an option to access two novel therapies The partnership will strengthen Leo Pharma’s research capabilities and disease understanding and extending its expertise in medical dermatology worldwide The option agreement follows 2018 agreement signed b/w Ubiquigent and LEO Pharma to […]Read More

Eli Lilly Signs an Exclusive Worldwide License Agreement with ImmuNext

Shots:  ImmuNext to receive $40M upfront, $565M as development & commercialization milestones and royalties on sales of products. Lilly to get an exclusive WW licence to develop & commercialize novel immuno-therapies  Eli Lilly and ImmuNext plan to build a 3yrs. research collaboration supporting the development of preclinical targets for autoimmune diseases by regulating immune cell […]Read More

GSK Signed a Multiyear Exclusive Collaborative Agreement with 23andMe to

  Shots:  With this collaboration GSK plans improve target selection to develop “Precision Medicine” with better efficacy and safety To identify specific subgroups population to develop targeted treatments GSK is initially planning to leverage 23andMe databases for the development of its   LRRK2i molecule in preclinical stage targeting Parkinson’s Click here to read full press release/ article […]Read More