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Gemini Therapeutics Signs a Research Agreement with SERI to Identify

Shots: SERI and Gemini will investigate the link b/w genetic & potential biomarkers in patients with PCV. The collaboration leverages Gemini’s experience of precision medicine to develop therapies targeting the genetically defined patients The agreement explores the molecular impact of specific genes linked to PCV which provide information in designing new therapies in future Gemini […]Read More

Takeda Collaborates with Cerevance to Develop New Therapies for Gastrointestinal

Shots: Cerevance to receive upfront technology access fee, pre/-clinical, development, commercialization milestones of up to $170M/ target and royalties on global sales of products. Takeda will support the research to identify novel target proteins expressed in the CNS and to develop new therapies targeting GI disorders The multi-year collaboration will leverage Cerevance’s NETSseq technology to […]Read More

AbbVie Signs an Exclusive Agreement with Scripps Research to Develop

Shots: Scripps Research to receive up front, development & commercialization milestones, option exercise fee and royalties on sales of new therapies and will conduct pre-clinical R&D activities and P-I studies (in some cases) while AbbVie get an exclusive option to further develop and commercialize therapies for cancer, immunology, neurology and fibrosis The collaboration marks the […]Read More

AstraZeneca Signs an Agreement with Gatehouse Bio to Identify New

Shots: AstraZeneca collaborates with Gatehouse Bio to explore new targets for respiratory and CV diseases utilizing Gatehouse Bio’s AI-powered sRNAlytics platform The collaboration allows Gatehouse Bio to develop next-generation therapies and epitomizes its focus on Bio Hub Incubator. In 2018, Gatehouse Bio joined AstraZeneca’s Boston Bio Hub Incubator to accelerate their research and developed pipeline […]Read More

Bayer Collaborates with Dewpoint to Develop New Therapies Targeting Cardiovascular

Shots: Bayer signs an option, research and license agreement with Dewpoint’s to develop therapies for cardiovascular and gynecological diseases and will contribute up to $100M. Bayer will get an option to exclusively license a specified number of novel therapies developed during research activities The collaboration leverages Dewpoint’s platform for biomolecular condensates with Bayer’s small molecule […]Read More

Lilly Signs a Global Research and Licensing Agreement with Avidity

Shots: Avidity to receive $20M upfront, $15M equity investment, $405M as development, regulatory & commercial milestones for each target and royalties on sales. Lilly to get WW rights to develop and commercialize the products to be developed in immunology and other indications The companies will develop & commercialize RNA-based therapies with the combination of tissue […]Read More