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Synaffix Signs a License Agreement with ProfoundBio for ADC Technologies

Shots: Synaffix is eligible to receive $246M upfront & milestones along with royalties on net sales. ProfoundBio to get non-exclusive license rights to use Synaffix’s ADC technologies for one therapeutic program to targets specific TAA & also retains license option rights to a second TAA The agreement will access Synaffix’s linker-payload technologies including GlycoConnect & […]Read More


Ipsen Signs an Exclusive WW License Agreement with IRLAB for

Shots: IRLAB to receive ~$363M, including $28M as up front and ~$335M as development, regulatory and commercial milestones along with royalties on WW net sales of mesdopetam Ipsen get the exclusive WW rights to develop and commercialize mesdopetam (novel dopamine D3-receptor antagonist) which is currently being evaluated in P- IIb clinical trials for patients with […]Read More


Astellas Signs a License Agreement with ExCellThera for In Vitro

Shots: ExCellThera to receive up front, future contingent payments along with manufacturing and supply fees for the licensed molecules The collaboration validates the immense clinical and commercial potential of UM171 in additional fields of development The collaboration allows the ExcelThera to focus on clinical programs and commercial plans for ECT-001 cell therapy product along with […]Read More


Sanofi Signs ~$1B Agreement with Eureka & MSK for their

Shots: Eureka and MSK are eligible to receive up front and ~$1B as development, regulatory and sales milestone along with royalties on net sales. Sanofi gets exclusive rights to the GPRC5D binder for non-CAR use Eureka discovered the GPRC5D binding domain using its E-ALPHA Abs discovery platform, under its collaboration with MSK Additionally, targeting GPRC5D […]Read More


Arrowhead Signs a License Agreement with Horizon to Develop siRNA

Shots: Arrowhead to receive $40M up front and is eligible to receive ~$660M as potential development, regulatory & commercial milestones, and is further eligible to receive royalties on net product sales Horizon to receive a WW exclusive license for ARO-XDH targeting XDH and will be wholly responsible for clinical development and commercialization of the therapy […]Read More


Phenomix Collaborates with Mayo Clinic for AI-Powered Obesity Phenotype Blood

Shots: The Phenomix’s MyPhenome test utilize phenotype-driven multi-omics technology to analyze genomics, metabolomics, and hormone levels and use AI-driven algorithmic tool to identify four specific obesity phenotypes, giving doctors the ability to prescribe more precise anti-obesity treatments The study showed that phenotype-specific obesity resulted in nearly double the weight loss over the treatment course of […]Read More