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Eisai Terminates its Worldwide Development & Commercialization Agreement with Purdue

Shots: Purdue to receive one-time payment from Eisai, while releasing itself from rights to develop & commercialize lemborexant. Eisai acquires WW development and commercialization rights for lemborexant, previously held by Purdue in the deal of Aug’15 The termination enables Purdue to focus on oncology, non-opioid pain & CNS programs. In Aug’15, Eisai granted WW development […]Read More

Eisai and Purdue Report Result of Lemborexant in P-III SUNRISE

Shots: The P-III SUNRISE 2 study involves assessing of Lemborexant (5mg,10mg) vs PBO in 949 patients with insomnia disorder, characterized by difficulty in falling asleep/staying asleep aged 18 to 88yrs. P-III SUNRISE 2 study results: reductions in sleep onset latency (sSOL) (-21.81, -28.21 vs -11.43 min); improvement in sSE (14.19%, 14.31% vs 9.64%); reduction in […]Read More