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Lupin and SunPharma Launch Generic Favipiravir to Treat Mild to

Shots: Lupin has launched favipiravir in India under the brand name ‘Covihalt’ for the treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19 Covihalt will be available as 200mg tablets in the form of a strip of 10 tablets, priced at $0.65 (₹49/tablet) and has received DCGI authorization for emergency use Additionally, SunPharma has launched antiviral drug favipiravir […]Read More

Cadila to Launch its Ritucad (rituximab, biosimilar) in India

Shots: Cadila to strengthen its biosimilar portfolio and oncology footprints in India with the launch of Ritucad and has cleared USFDA inspection in Feb’20 Additionally, the company has launched its Bevaro (bevasizumab, biosimilar) a mAb targeted for multiple cancer indications like Ovarian Cancer, Glioblastoma Multiforme (a type of Brain cancer), Colorectal Cancer, Breast Cancer, Lung […]Read More

Three Pharma Companies Launch Favipiravir to Treat COVID-19 in India

Shots: Jenburkt became the second company to launch Favivent (favipiravir) to treat mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms at a price of ​Rs. 39/tablet Cipla receives the DCGI approval for Ciplenza (favipiravir, 200mg) targeting the unmet medical needs for COVID-19 treatment options in the country through restricted emergency use. The company will launch Ciplenza in the […]Read More

Cadila to Launch its Bevaro (bevasizumab, biosimilar) in India

Shots: Cadila plans to launch multiple biosimilars including Bevaro in 2020 which are safe and efficacious compared to conventional treatment medicine has cleared The company has also cleared he USFDA inspection in Feb’20 and holds approved 16 ANDAs and currently filed 30 ANDAs   Bevaro is a mAb will be available in two strengths of […]Read More

The UK Government to Launch AbC-19 Lateral Flow Free Finger-Prick

Shots: UK Rapid Test Consortium’s (UK-RTC) finger prick test passes its first major trial that delivers results in 20mints. and demonstrate 98.6% accuracy in its clinical study. The AbC-19 lateral flow test is the first approved Ab test for Covid-19 in the UK that generates an instant result The clinical trial involves ~300 people and […]Read More

Bayer and MassBio to Launch Joint Mentoring Program to Foster

Shots: The launch of Bayer-MassCONNECT Asia will support the startup community in Asia with a special focus on China. The collaboration of two companies will integrate MassBio’s mentoring expertise with Bayer’s strong presence in Asia Bayer-MassCONNECT Asia is a part of MassBio’s MassCONNECT program which is a mentoring program targeting life sciences. MassCONNECT matches entrepreneurs […]Read More

Celltrion Anticipates the Launch of its POCT Kit for COVID-19

Shots: Celltrion has completed the development of a point-of-care antigen testing kit for COVID-19 in collaboration with BBB. The POCT kit is a portable and overly sensitive device for use in rapid POC testing, thus supporting the early detection of COVID-19+ patients in clinical settings Celltrion’s POCT kit demonstrated 95% sensitivity, utilizes lab-on-a-chip technology consisting […]Read More

Celltrion Anticipates the Launch of Insulin Pen Biosimilar by 2025

Shots: Celltrion in collaboration with Poonglim Pharmatech will accelerate the development of its insulin pen biosimilar. The company will initiate the development of the insulin biosimilar in 2020 with an aim to commercially launch the product in 2025. Companies plans to develop a pen-type injection that can be administered up to 80 units at a […]Read More

Apple and Google Launch COVID-19 Exposure Notification System to Support

Shots: Apple and Google have released their smartphone technology to automatically notify people if they have been exposed to the COVID-19.  Last month, the companies collaborated to leverage their technology to trace the spread of coronavirus The software leverages Bluetooth technology to detect when someone with the app has in contact with another app user […]Read More