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Junshi and Impact to Establish Joint Venture for Senaparib (IMP4297)

Shots: The two companies will co-develop and conduct clinical trials for senaparib across multiple cancer indications in China. Junshi to invest $43.4M in cash, representing 50% of the JV while Impact will supply senaparib in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau representing the other 50% The JV will focus on the research, development & commercialization […]Read More

StemoniX Collaborates with Atomwise to Form a Joint Venture Targeting

Shots: Joint Venture will combine StemoniX’s human microOrgan platform with Atomwise’s AI technology to allow the rapid discovery and development of novel therapies, initially targeting Rett syndrome Atomwise will utilize its AI technology for identifying potent and selective binders for protein targeting Rett syndrome while StemoniX will test the compounds on its human microBrain 3D […]Read More

JW Pharma Acquires C&C Research Laboratories a Joint Venture with

Shots: JWP to acquire all stock of Chugai in C&C by 31 Dec 2019. C&C will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of JWP and will continue its R&D with independent management. Additionally, JWP and Chugai will cooperate on novel therapies developed by C&C The collaboration follows the succeeding of C&C in developing candidates for the treatment […]Read More

Ferring and Blackstone Collaborate to Establish Joint Venture Focusing on

Shots: Ferring launches a new company FerGene focusing the global development and commercialization of Nadofaragene firadenovec in the US for the patients with Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) unresponsive, non-muscle invasive bladder cancer Blackstone to invest $400M and its expertise to accelerate the future development and commercialization of Nadofaragene firadenovec while Ferring will invest up to $170M […]Read More

Evotec Collaborates with Vifor Pharma to Launch a Joint Venture

Shots: Evotec to apply its drug discovery & development capabilities plus will utilize Vifor Pharma’s platform for creating pipeline of nephrology program and with the completion of clinical trials evaluating products Vifor Pharma will in-license them for registration and commercialization while expanding its nephrology pipeline Vifor to fund €25M for pre-clinical development while the companies […]Read More

GSK to Collaborate with Pfizer to Build a Consumer Healthcare

Shots: GSK to receive 68% equity stake and Pfizer to receive 32% equity stake in consumer health business joint venture The focus of the agreement is to establish a joint venture using emphasizing on pharmaceuticals, vaccines and consumer healthcare products with use of genetics and technologies The consumer healthcare business unit will focus on OTC […]Read More

GSK to Acquire 36.5% Stake in Consumer Healthcare Joint Venture,

Shots: Novartis to receive $13B (£9.2B) as total deal value from GSK. GSK to acquire 36.5% stake (63.5% already acquired in 2014) in Consumer Healthcare Joint Venture, formed in 2014 with Novartis The focus of the agreement is to utilize the venture for manufacturing of OTC, oral health brands, pharmaceutical and vaccines such as Sensodyne […]Read More