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Prestige Signs an Exclusive Agreement with Teva to Commercialize Tuznue

Shots: Teva to get an exclusive right to commercialize Tuznu in Israel, leveraging its marketing capabilities and experience in bringing pharmaceutical products to market and will be responsible for local registration, sales, and marketing in Israel Prestige will assume responsibility for product registration with the EMA and commercial supply of Tuznue from its manufacturing facilities […]Read More

Kamada Collaborates with Alvotech to Commercialize its Six Biosimilar Products

Shots: Kamada will commercialize Alvotech’s biosimilar portfolio consisting of 6 products in Israel, upon its Israeli Ministry of Health (IMOH) approval while Alvotech will remain responsible for development, manufacturing and supply of all products The collaboration leverages Kamada’s expertise and presence in the Israeli market and enables Kamada to benefit from the long-term growth potential […]Read More

AstraZeneca Collaborates with JVP to Invest in Digital Health Program

Shots: AstraZeneca launches its digital health program, BeyondBio with the initial investment of $2.8M AstraZeneca in collaborates with JVP to support Israeli start-up companies by providing direct access to databases and leading academic research institutes in digital health with an aim to find technological solutions in the medical sphere The digital health program is operated […]Read More