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Enzene Receives Marketing Authorization for Teriparatide (biosimilar) in India

Shots: The company received DCGI’s MA for Teriparatide (biosimilar) for the treatment of Osteoporosis vs anti-resorptive therapies such as bisphosphates and SERMs The approved product will be marketed through Alkem Laboratories as well as it explore other potential partnering opportunities Teriparatide will be launched in a fully compliant pen device Click here ­to­ read full press […]Read More


ViewPoints Article: Digital Healthcare in India – Current Trends &

Digital healthcare means using communications and information technologies in medicine to diagnose, predict, treat, and monitor diseases. It is also widely used for prognosis, rehabilitation, behavioral health, and public health.  Indians have witnessed a surge of smartphone and internet use since the last decade. This had led to an easier delivery of smart digital solutions. […]Read More


Sanofi Launches Tetraxim (DTaP-IPV) for Preschoolers in India

Shots: Sanofi’s Tetraxim combines four vaccines into one and provides protection against four diseases – Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus and Polio. The launch reduces the number of injections, increases comfort, and improves vaccination compliance for children Booster vaccines are designed to boost the immunity acquired during prior vaccination. With the launch, Sanofi currently protects school children […]Read More


ViewPoints Article: COVID-19 Treatment in India and Abroad

In late 2019, a mysterious virus causing infection consisting of dry cough, fever tiredness, and last pneumonia first appeared in Wuhan, China. The world health organization (WHO) named the disease as Coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19). Interestingly, Covid-19 and flu (caused by influenza virus) share the common disease progression asymptomatic (no symptoms), mild symptoms fever or chills, […]Read More