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Genentech Collaborates with Imbio to Develop Imaging Diagnostics for Lung

Shots: The agreement leverages Imbio’s technical, regulatory & commercial expertise to build medical imaging AI technology for use in research, clinical trials & clinical practice The focus of the agreement is to develop quantitative imaging diagnostics for lung diseases and to bring unique solutions for pulmonary imaging. The collaboration integrates Imbio’s expertise in imaging biomarkers […]Read More

Bayer Launches a LifeHub UK for the Development of AI-Enabled

Shots: LifeHub UK launch is the seventh pillar in Bayer’s WW network of LifeHubs targeting acceleration and optimization of disease detection and data-driven drug discovery utilizing AI-enabled imaging solutions. Bayer also signed an agreement with Sensyne Health, being the first company to enter LifeHub UK while companies will jointly conduct R&D activities for developing AI […]Read More