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Insights+: Key Events of ASCO 2019

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) is a platform for cancer experts to share views on latest advancement and new approaches in cancer research. In the 55th session of ASCO 2019, 2400+ abstracts were presented. IBM Watson Health was also a part of ASCO 2019 with its advancement in Oncology, Genomics and Patient Monitoring. […]Read More

IBM Watson Health Reports Real-World Progress of AI in Oncology

Shots: IBM Watson has presented 22 new scientific studies showing progress in clinical studies of cancer using AI-Technology with informed decisions based on curated scientific evidences, insights and information which are unidentified manually and further leading to QoL The presented data includes: Watson For Oncology lead to 13.6% changes in informs clinical decision reviewed by […]Read More