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Eli Lilly Signs an Exclusive License Agreement with SciNeuro to

Shots: Lilly to receive up front, milestones, as well as royalties on the products developed and commercialize by SciNeuro. Lilly retains all rights outside Greater China SciNeuro to get an exclusive license to develop and commercialize alpha-synuclein targeted therapies in Greater China includes mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, And Taiwan Alpha-synuclein directed therapies help to […]Read More


PlantForm Signs Research and Development Agreement with Bio-Manguinhos/Fiocruz to Develop

Shots: The agreement facilitates PlantForm’s collaborations in Brazil to provide affordable, effective cancer drugs to millions of Brazilians The 3yrs. research and development collaboration will culminate in protocols for P-I and P-III clinical trials. The companies will take biosimilar pembrolizumab to world markets, following the completion of clinical trials in Brazil Pembrolizumab is a biosimilar […]Read More


Ultragenyx Collaborates with n-Lorem Foundation to Advance Personalized Medicines Treatment

Shots: The companies collaborated to develop the personalized medicines for patients with ultra-rare diseases. The collaboration involves additional resources, financial contribution, and experience from both the company The alliance strengthens n-Lorem’s mission to bring immediate hope and rapid treatment to ultra-rare disease patients in need n-Lorem Foundation provides a free and lifetime supply of ASO […]Read More


Gilead Expands its Collaboration with AbCellera to Develop Antibodies Against

Shots: AbCellera to receive upfront, milestone, and royalties based on the development and commercialization of Abs, emerge under the collaboration The expanded collaboration will utilize AbCellera’s technology stack, which includes Trianni Mouse and OrthoMab protein engineering platform AbCellera will generate panels of Abs against up to 8 new targets across multiple indications, selected by Gilead […]Read More


Pfizer Signs a WW License Agreement with Pyxis to Develop

Shots: Pfizer to receive an up front, equity in Pyxis and is eligible for development & commercial milestones as well as royalties on potential sales of ADCs Pyxis gets a WW license to develop and commercialize PYX-201 and PYX-203. Pfizer will continue to support the development and advancement of ADCs portfolio via an equity investment […]Read More


Takeda Signs a License Agreement with Genevant to Develop Novel

Shots: Genevant to receive up to $600M up front and milestone as well as royalties on future product sales Takeda get exclusive rights to access Genevant’s LNP technology for a specified number of selected hepatic stellate cells targets The companies collaborated to discover, develop and commercialize the LNP-delivered nucleic acid therapeutics directed to previously inaccessible […]Read More


SMA Foundation Collaborates with PTC to Discover and Develop Regenerative

Shots: SMA Foundation and PTC will provide an initial investment of up to $60M in research to discover & develop regenerative treatments in neuromuscular diseases The focus of the agreement is advance scientific research in SMA and other neuromuscular disorders to develop new treatments The availability of several disease-modifying therapies has made regenerative interventions the […]Read More


Lilly Collaborates with Biolojic to Discover and Develop Antibody Therapies

Shots: Biolojic to receive ~$121M including development and commercialization milestones and a promissory note that may be convertible into Biolojic equity in future Additionally, Biolojic is eligible to receive royalties on sales of therapies that emerges during the collaboration The collaboration will leverage Biolojic’s AI-based multibody platform to discover and develop a potential novel Ab-based […]Read More