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Johnson & Johnson Signs a Manufacturing Agreement with the Catalent

Shots: The alliance includes joint investment and tech transfer to accelerate rapid scale-up of segregated manufacturing capacity over the coming months for supporting J&J’s vaccine candidates Catalent will accelerate the availability of manufacturing capacity and prepare for large-scale commercial manufacturing at its facility in Bloomington and plans to hire ~300 additional employees for the program […]Read More

Pfizer and BioNTech Provide Updates on its Collaboration for Global

Shots: BioNTech to receive $185M up front, including $72M cash & $113M equity investment, up to $563M as milestone making a total deal value $748M. The companies will equally share the development cost while Pfizer will fund 100% of development cost at the initial level and BioNTech will repay Pfizer its 50% share during the […]Read More

GSK Signs a Research Collaboration with Clover for the Evaluation

Shots: GSK to provide pandemic adjuvant system to Clover to evaluate S-Trimer in preclinical studies while Clover has largest commercial-scale cGMP biomanufacturing capabilities in China involved in rapid scale-up and produce new coronavirus vaccine The focus of the collaboration is to evaluate the combination of GSK’s pandemic adjuvant system with Clover’s S-Trimer as a vaccine […]Read More