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PharmaShots Weekly Snapshot (January 13-17, 2020)

1. Arena’s APD418 Receives FDA’s Fast Track Designation to Treat Patients with Decompensated Heart Failure Published: Jan 17, 2020 | Tags: Arena, APD418, Receives, FDA, Fast Track Designation, Treat, Patients, Decompensated Heart 2. Charles River Collaborates with Fios Genomics for Bioinformatics-Driven Drug Discovery and Safety Assessment Published: Jan 16, 2020 | Tags: Charles River, Collaborates, Fios Genomics, […]Read More

Arena’s APD418 Receives FDA’s Fast Track Designation to Treat Patients

Shots: The US FDA has granted FT designation to APD418, currently in development for the treatment of DHF  The FDA’s Fast Track designation facilitate the development and expedite the review of therapy to treat serious conditions and fill an unmet medical need APD418 is a first-in-class β3-adrenergic receptor (AdrR) antagonist and cardiac myotrope, designed to […]Read More

PharmaShots Weekly Snapshot (Dec 30, 2019-Jan 03, 2020)

1. RedHill Terminates its 2014 Deal with Salix Pharmaceuticals for RHB-106 Published: Jan 03, 2019 | Tags: 2014, Deal, RedHill, RHB-106, Salix Pharmaceuticals, Terminates 2. Innate’s Lumoxiti (moxetumomab pasudotox-tdfk) Receives EMA’s MAA to Treat Patients with Relapsed or Refractory Hairy Cell Leukemia Published: Jan 03, 2019 | Tags: EMA, Hairy Cell Leukemia, Innate, Lumoxit, MAA, […]Read More

Arena Signs a Multi-Year Agreement with Beacon Discovery to Develop

Shots: Beacon will take care of drug discovery activities while Arena will focus on development and commercialization of products for multiple immune and inflammatory diseases The focus of the agreement is to develop therapies for G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) targets and further expanding the footprints in autoimmune diseases Arena has a pipeline of three candidates […]Read More