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AstraZeneca Reports Results of Anifrolumab in P-III TULIP 2 Study

Shots: The P-III TULIP 2 study involves assessing of anifrolumab (300mg, FD, IV) vs PBO in 373 patients in ratio (1:1) for adults with moderate-to-severe SLE and has demonstrated meeting its 1EPs with reduction in disease activity which was assessed using BICLA @52 wks. and the safety profile was also consistent with previous trials  The […]Read More

MedImmune (AZ) reports results of TULIP 1 P-III for anifrolumab

Shots: TULIP 1 P-III trial with didn’t meet SRI4@12mos in moderate-to-severe SLE patients TULIP study includes two P-III trials TULIP 1 (N=460) in ratio (1:2:2) for 52 wks. administering of 150,300mg anifrolumab IV or PBO q4w; TULIP 2(N=373) in ratio (1:1) 300mg anifrolumab IV or PBO q4w, evaluating safety and efficacy Anifrolumab is also being […]Read More