PharmaShots serves the pharma, biotech, healthcare, medical device, diagnostic and digital health (Life sciences) industry. PharmaShots is a real-time customizable news delivery platform to deliver news of interest to the relevant subscribers from Octavus. It is an intelligence repository and a monitoring platform which helps your team to be proactive and updated with the latest updates and helps them take information supported informed decisions.

PharmaShots: Incisive News in 3 Shots

Real- time summarized News in 3 shots from Pharma, Biotech, Medtech, Digital Health, Diagnostics and life sciences industry readable in 60 seconds. It is freely available and can be subscribed on our website and can be followed on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook. 

DigitlPulse: Custom-made Newsletters

Based on requirements, customized Newsletters can be created on relevant topics based on particular:

  • Therapy Area
  • Segment / Sector / Market
  • Partnership / Alliance

IntelliShots: Custom-made CI News alerts

A cloud-based customized news delivery solution/ platform for Life sciences companies and their employees. It is one of our services to deliver the latest pharma/biotech business insights in an incisive, more comprehensive and summarized format.

InsightPulse: Custom-made Whitepapers

Based on requirements, customized Whitepapers can be written on a segment, with in-depth research on a specific topic/sector that presents a problem and provides a solution.