Celltrion 'Huh Juma' to enter the Australian market

Completion of third product license of Ram Shima · Trukshima … Consultation on distribution plan and launching date
– Trastuzumab is the first biosimilar to be approved by Australia.
[2018 years 8 Mon 2 days ] Celltrion recent Australian sikyak destination (TGA, Therapeutic Goods Administration) breast cancer and gastric cancer therapeutic antibody biosimilar for from Her jyuma ( ingredient name : trastuzumab ), for he announces a marketing authorization .
Trastuzumab (Trastuzumab) first received marketing authorization of biosimilars in Australia ” Huh jyuma ‘ has early breast cancer and local progressive , metastatic breast cancer , the anti-cancer antibody biosimilar used in the treatment of advanced gastric cancer . Original medicines are allowed jyuma Genentech (Genentech) to develop and Roche (Roche) to sell ‘ Herceptin ‘ is .
Herjuma’s original drug sales in Australia are about 134 billion won [1] a year . Celltrion is discussing Celltrion Healthcare and Hurjuma’s distribution channels in Australia and plans to launch a strategic launch in light of local market conditions .
Celltrion entered the Australian market with Pfizer, a distribution partner , in August 2015 , licensed by Lamshima in Australia . In April , the company obtained approval from the Australian Food and Drug Administration for its second product, an anticancer antibody for the treatment of blood cancer, Biosimilar Trochesima .
Celltrion officials ” will do my best to make rapid market penetration of the cancer patients in Australia so that they can enjoy the benefits of high-quality biopharmaceutical products at a reasonable price ,” he said .

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