Abilita Bio and Amgen Enter Into a Multi-Target Collaboration


Research collaboration will focus on the generation of novel Enabled Membrane Proteins (EMPs™)
to support R&D efforts on challenging drug targets
SAN DIEGO,  Abilita Bio, Inc. announced today that it has entered into a
multi-target research collaboration agreement with Amgen, a world leader in biotechnology. Under the terms of
the agreement, Abilita Bio will leverage its proprietary Enabled Membrane Protein (EMP™) technology platform
to support Amgen’s R&D efforts on challenging integral membrane protein targets. Financial details were not
“This exciting new collaboration aims at tackling some of the unique challenges that have limited the success of
discovering and developing drugs targeting complex membrane proteins,” said Mauro Mileni, CEO of Abilita
Bio. “Amgen helped define the field of biotechnology and has driven innovation through outstanding science. We
look forward to working with their exceptional research teams to drive tough projects forward.”
About the EMP™ technology platform
EMP™ technology couples high-throughput mutagenesis to a robust microbial selection system in order to evolve
membrane protein target variants that demonstrate transformative improvements in their biophysical properties,
while preserving relevant folding and function. The EMP™ technology platform was developed to address the
difficulties in working with the most challenging and medically important drug target classes including G ProteinCoupled Receptors, Ion Channels and Transporters, thereby providing unprecedented access to modern methods
for the discovery of therapeutic antibodies and small molecules. Abilita Bio continues to expand the reach of the
EMP™ platform to new target classes and specialized applications such as biased ligand discovery.
About Abilita Bio, Inc.
Abilita Bio, Inc. was founded in 2014, and is an innovation-driven biotechnology company focused on leveraging
its EMP™ platform and deep membrane protein expertise to enable the drug discovery and development. The
company has established several research collaborations with global pharma and biotech partners focused on
supporting their drug discovery programs, and has formed multiple strategic partnerships to build its internal
R&D pipeline.

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