Month: May 2019

Roche and GE Healthcare Launch NAVIFY Tumor Board 2.0 for

Shots: The NAVIFY Tumor Board 2.0 with medical imaging capabilities brings a personalized treatment in patients with cancer with its initial availability in the US & Canada The tumor board enables radiologists to upload their patient records to the same dashboard where the patient’s previous treatment details are stored, helping the clinicians to have a […]Read More

Medtronic’s SelectSite C304-HIS Deflectable Catheter System Receives FDA’s Clearance for

Shots: Medtronic reports FDA’s clearance & launch of SelectSite C304-HIS deflectable catheter system for use in procedures involving His-bundle pacing The catheter system features a deflectable out-of-plane curve to reach bundle of His, accommodating challenging patient anatomies including patients with a large right atrium The SelectSite C304-HIS facilitates placement of the Medtronic’s SelectSecure MRI SureScan […]Read More

Bayer Signs a Worldwide Agreement with Roche’s Foundation Medicine to

Shots: Bayer collaborates with Roche to develop & commercialize NGS-based companion diagnostics for multiple cancer therapies developed by Bayer and covers FMI’s complete portfolio of tests including its Foundation One CDx The companies initiate the collaboration with development of CDx of Vitraki (larotrectinib), a first TRK inhibitor for TRK fusion cancer in all solid tumors, […]Read More