Spotlight Interview: Moreno Perugini in a Candid Conversation with PharmaShots

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Spotlight Interview: Moreno Perugini in a Candid Conversation with PharmaShots


Following the Reuters Events Pharma USA 2024, PharmaShots brings an engaging conversation with Moreno Perugini, President, of Néstle Health Science. Moreno begins the conversation by highlighting Néstle’s journey to become a full-fledged pharma company through a series of acquisitions and deals.  

Moreno recalls Néstle’s transitioning into a pharmaceutical company when the company got the rights for Zenpep, post Allergan’s merger with AbbVie. In 2023, Néstle, along with Seres Therapeutics announced the commercial availability of VOWST, the first and only approved treatment for recurrent C. difficile infection (CDI). 

In 2024, the pharmaceutical division of the company is focused on its gastrointestinal pipeline. 

Learn more about the company’s extraordinary journey by watching the full-length video! 

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Moreno Perugini 

Moreno Perugini is President of Active & Medical Nutrition & Pharmaceutical Therapies at Nestlé Health Science. Leading a dedicated team of commercial and medical professionals, Moreno and his team actively shape the healthcare system through innovative approaches and a strong commitment to delivering pharmaceutical products with a human-centered focus. Grounded in independent thinking, scientific rigor and extensive research, Moreno’s collective teams develop solutions that prioritize a complete patient narrative. 

Prior to assuming the role of President of Pharma in December 2022, Moreno served as the Senior Vice President of Global Medical Affairs Pharmaceuticals at Aimmune Therapeutics, a company later acquired by Nestlé Health Science. His journey within the broader Nestlé organization commenced with a focus on crafting value proposition narratives. Over time, he undertook various responsibilities, including leadership of the Global Market Access team for the Nestlé Health Science portfolio, encompassing drugs, nutritional products, devices, diagnostics, and consumer care. 

With an extensive background spanning over two decades in the life sciences field, Moreno holds expertise in areas such as marketing, commercialization, market access, and medical affairs. Throughout his career, he has held leadership positions at esteemed pharmaceutical companies like AbbVie and Novartis. Notably, he has been instrumental in bringing multiple pharmaceutical technologies to market, across different therapeutic areas, all guided by his unwavering commitment to prioritizing patients and expanding access to treatment. 

Moreno holds a master's degree in Pharmacoeconomics/Pharmaceutical Economics from Universitat Pompeu Fabra – IDEC and an MBA from Bocconi. 

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