Celebrate the festival of colors with PharmaShots!

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Celebrate the festival of colors with PharmaShots!


  • Holi, the festival of colors, fills our lives and hearts with vibrance, enthusiasm, and ecstasy. Holi remains an important festival in the Hindu traditions and is celebrated with great zeal in the Indian subcontinent
  • The day holds a degree of paramount importance in people’s lives in India and is often treated as the day to make fresh starts in life
  • This year Holi will be celebrated on the 25th of March. PharmaShots Daily News and Newsletter service will be closed on that day. PharmaShots appreciates your love and support

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Saurabh Chaubey

Saurabh is a Senior Content Writer at PharmaShots. He is a voracious reader and follows the recent trends and innovations of life science companies diligently. His work at PharmaShots involves writing articles, editing content, and proofreading drafts. He has a knack for writing content that covers the Biotech, MedTech, Pharmaceutical, and Healthcare sectors.

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