Post Conference Highlights: E-Brain OncoVision: Connecting the Dots in Cancer Care

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Post Conference Highlights: E-Brain OncoVision: Connecting the Dots in Cancer Care


Riveting, insightful, and highly engaging, the two-day event by Ingenious e-brain remained a topic of discussion in the biopharma and healthcare community. 

PharmaShots as the official media partner had the opportunity to witness the first-ever metaverse-based virtual conference with distinguished keynote speakers from reputed biopharma companies, sharing insights on the present and the future of oncology care. 

Mahima SIngh, the host for the event began the session with a welcoming note and introduced the guest speakers Deepti Tayal and Brajesh Barse, Director, US India Business Council New Delhi.  

Followed by the welcome reception, an informative session began on The Oncology Care Model OCM: Key Capabilities for Success. Understanding the OCM. The session was presided over by Thaer Abu Yahya, Quality Compliance Manager/Head of the Microbiology Department, MS Pharma Group.  

Tauseef Butt President & CEO, LifeSensors Inc. presented a deep analysis with an insightful session focusing on Molecular glues for targeting the K-RAS pathway. After Tauseef, renowned keynote speakers delved deep into the new-age therapeutics in oncology.  

The key focus remained the session diving into the application of NGS and CGP in oncology diagnostics and precision medicine by Mynn Tan. Right after the engaging session, people signed up for a stimulating Panel Discussion on The Evolution of Regulations & Its Impact on Cancer Care. 

After a few engaging sessions delving into the modern practices for cancer diagnosis and care, the event had a dedicated networking time, allowing participants to engage with speakers and like-minded people. 

Ranging from personalized therapy in Cancer management, novel small molecule for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Therapy, and robotic surgery in Gynecologic Oncology to business consulting models and RWE integration, the two-day event was a unique amalgam of stimulating sessions on new-age cancer therapy and its envisioning in the future market. Several keynote speakers from reputed biopharma companies spoke on the trends and technologies used in cancer therapies. 

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