6 Widely Used Content Marketing Formats by Biopharma Companies

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6 Widely Used Content Marketing Formats by Biopharma Companies


  • Have you ever wondered what content formats leading biopharma companies have been using that receive wonderful responses and wholesome reviews? With PharmaShots, let’s navigate the trending content formats that biopharma companies have been exceedingly using 

  • In the data-driven world regulated by social media, it is necessary to have a strong media presence. For companies targeting niche audiences like biopharma, the possibility of sharing posts gets constrained 

  • PharmaShots brings an enlightening article on the six widely used content marketing formats by biopharma companies 


In the age of the internet, it is important for businesses to have a strong online presence, especially when you are a part of a customer-centric market like life science, pharmaceuticals, and biotech. To create a distinguished online persona, businesses use several strategies to create an astonishing impact on their target audiences. PharmaShots brings an illuminating guide to content marketing strategies that every seed-stage and fully-fledged biopharma company must know  


Content Marketing for Biopharma Companies 

Social Media listening plays a pivotal role in enhancing the online presence of biopharma companies. With SML, several seed-stage companies have immensely benefitted from their high-quality and engaging content by leaving speckling imprints in the minds of people. Content marketing deploys an amicable approach to direct and indirect advertisement on several social media platforms. With roughly 5Bn people consuming online content on several media platforms, biopharma companies are effectively targeting their niche audiences with promotional and awareness posts to strengthen their potential market.  


Choosing the Right Content Format for Your Biopharma Company 

For companies working in a dedicated area, it is of paramount importance to choose the right content format to enhance audience reach. Several companies use a combination of content formats to advertise their products and services and in doing so often lose track of their marketing strategies while focusing on integrating a wide collection of content formats. PharmaShots brings an informative research analysis of the most sought-after content format by the top biopharma companies arranged alphabetically. 

  • Blogs: Traditional yet effective, blog posts still hold the whip hand when it comes to promotions, building awareness, and improving page ranking with SEO-friendly content.  Leveraging other media platforms designed for blog posting also helps drive organic traffic to your website and ultimately helps in enhancing the website ranking on google. 

  • Infographics: With decrease in attention span among netizens, content marketers have come up with highly engaging and appealing content solutions like infographics. Infographics add character to your blog posts and content with short and highly fruitful content 

  • Memes: In today’s world memes have garnered immense popularity and have embedded into a great extent to as a mode of communication. Biopharma companies use memes often to appeal their audiences, promote products, and raise awareness 

  • Patient Generated Content: When it comes to promoting a brand or a product in the biopharmaceutical domain, the best way to do the same is by leveraging a digital opinion leader (DOL). Patients and survivors are the first choices for the biopharma companies to promote their products. The inspiring stories of patients and survivors help cultivate opportunities for the companies to better target their audiences with an empathizing touch to their products and services 

  • Podcasts: Recently there’s a shift of trend to podcasts where speakers and guest talk on their topics of interests candidly. The originality in the conversation and the impromptu responses of the guests and speakers give an impression of a healthy discussion. Biopharmaceutical companies use podcast events to promote their products and services  

  • Promotional Videos: Videos are widely used by biopharma companies to promote their products to their audiences. Videos are infused deeply in the content strategies to promote products and services to related audiences. Companies often use embed videos on their websites to add an appealing to add a unique character to their pages 


PharmaShots’ Your go-to Content Partner 


Did you know? Your most reliable life science news agency PharmaShots works closely with several biopharma companies as a content solution provider.  

Biopharma companies are often overburdened with a lot of requisite tasks and at the same time must ensure to have a dominating online presence. To rescue companies from the dire need to stay relevant in today’s social media-driven world, PharmaShots has the upper hand in delivering high-quality and SEO-friendly content for social media platforms and websites. 

Ranging from both long & short-form blogs, infographics, and memes, to patient-generated content, podcasts, and promotional videos, PharmaShots provides a one-stop content solution to life science, biopharma, healthcare, and animal health companies. 

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Conclusions & Perspectives 

On social media platforms, you are known by the content you post. It is crucial for you as a company to frequently add relevant posts that can relate to your target audiences. When it comes to niche companies like biopharma, the social media handles must post content that can convey the idea in a more profound style with a dash of trends.  

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