Merck Animal Health Introduces Allflex CleanVax Nozzles and Shields for Cattle

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Merck Animal Health

Merck Animal Health Introduces Allflex CleanVax Nozzles and Shields for Cattle


  • Merck Animal Health has introduced Allflex CleanVax nozzles and shields to enable hygienic, quick and easy intranasal vaccine administration in cattle
  • The CleanVax intranasal vaccination system comprises of a clear plastic disposable shield, that can be replaced between animals or groups of animals, to ensure hygienic administration along with shorter nozzles, which are less invasive as compared to traditional cannulas
  • The benefits of the system are its shorter nozzles that are less discomforting and can be attached to any syringe or Luer lock applicator gun, an atomizer tip enabling even product distribution & reduced drip as well as a hygienic shield for protection and biosecurity

Ref: Merck | Image: Merck

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