PharmaShots Weekly Snapshots (December 11 – December 15, 2023)

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Weekly Snapshots

PharmaShots Weekly Snapshots (December 11 – December 15, 2023)

This week PharmaShots’ news was all about the updates on regulatory, Clinical Trials, Digihealth, Pharma, Animal Health, M&A & MedTech. Check out our full report below:

The EC Grants Conditional Marketing Authorisation to Pfizer’s Elerexfio for the treatment of Relapsed and Refractory Multiple Myeloma

Read More: Pfizer                                                                                                  

The US FDA Approves Basilea’s Cresemba for the Treatment of Invasive Aspergillosis & Invasive Mucormycosis in Children

Read More: Basilea                                                                                                 

GSK's Regulatory Application for Arexvy to Prevent RSV-Related Diseases has been Accepted by MHLW

Read More: GSK                                                                                                     

The NMPA Accepts NDA Application for Henlius’s Hansizhuang for the treatment of Esophageal cancer 

Read More: Henlius                                                                                                

The EC Approves Blueprint Medicines’s Ayvakyt for the Treatment of Indolent Systemic Mastocytosis (ISM)

Read More: Blueprint Medicines                                                                         

Amgen Receives the US FDA’s Acceptance on its BLA for Tarlatamab with a Priority Review Grant for Advanced Small Cell Lung Cancer

Read More: Amgen                                                                                               

Abbisko Therapeutics’ Pimicotinib (ABSK021) has Obtained US FDA’s FTD for Treating Tenosynovial Giant Cell Tumor 

Read More: Abbisko Therapeutics                                                                   

The US FDA to Form a New Advisory Committee to Evaluate Genetic Metabolic Disease Treatments

Read More: US FDA                                                                                               

The US FDA Approves Merck & Co.’s Welireg (belzutifan) for the Treatment of Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC)

Read More: Merck                                                                                                  

The US FDA Approves Glaukos’ iDose TR (travoprost intracameral implant) for Ocular Hypertension (OHT) or Open-Angle Glaucoma (OAG) Patients

Read More: Glaukos                                                                                            


Novartis Reports Favorable Outcomes for Iptacopan in P-III (APPEAR-C3G) for C3 Glomerulopathy Treatment (C3G)

Read More: Novartis                                                                                                

Sanofi Highlights the P-III Results for Sarclisa (isatuximab)+ KRd to Treat Multiple Myeloma

Read More: Sanofi                                                                                                

Nurix Highlights Favorable BTK degraders, NX-5948 and NX-2127 in P-Ia/Ib for Lymphoma

Read More: Nurix                                                                                                  

Regeneron reveals Favorable outcomes of Odronextamab in P-II (ELM-2) Trial for the Treatment of Follicular Lymphoma

Read More: Regeneron                                                                                          

Moderna and Merck Reveal Results from the P-IIb (KEYNOTE-942) Trial of mRNA-4157 (V940) + Keytruda (pembrolizumab) for Resected High-Risk Melanoma

Read More: Moderna & Merck                                                                             

Medtronic Expands collaboration with Cosmo Pharmaceuticals, leveraging advanced AI for transformative endoscopy

Read More: Medtronic & Cosmo Pharmaceuticals                                            

MD Anderson & Rigel Pharmaceuticals unveil a strategic collaboration to progress the development of olutasidenib 

Read More: MD Anderson & Rigel Pharmaceuticals                                          

BMS has entered into an exclusive license agreement with Systimmune for the development of BL-B01D1

Read More: BMS                                                                                                        

Hutchmed Completes Enrollment for P-II/III Trial of Fruquintinib + Sintilimab for Renal Cell Carcinoma in China

Read More: Hutchmed                                                                                           

Eisai announces the launch of Leqembi (Lecanemab) for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease (AD)

Read More: Eisai                                                                                                       

ADC Therapeutics Reveals the Results of Zynlonta in P-II for Follicular Lymphoma

Read More: ADC Therapeutics                                                                               

 Nerviano Medical and Italfarmaco Collaborate to Develop and Commercialize Peptide-Drug Conjugate (PDC)

Read More: Nerviano Medical & Italfarmaco                                                      

Nona Biosciences Enters into a License Agreement with Pfizer to Develop and Commercialize HBM9033 for Solid Tumors

Read More: Nona Biosciences & Pfizer                                                                    

Terray Therapeutics and BMS Partner for the Discovery and Development of Small Molecules

Read More: Terray Therapeutics & BMS                                                               

The EMA’s CVMP Adopts PositiveOpinion for Merck’s Bravecto to Protect Dogs Against Ticks and Fleas

Read More: Merck                                                                                                      

Imbio Acquired by 4DMedical for the Amount of ~$45M

Read More: Imbio                                                                                                       

AstraZeneca announces the Acquisition of Icosavax for ~$1.1B

Read More: AstraZeneca                                                                                            

For about $280M, Integra LifeSciences to Acquire Acclarent

Read More: Integra LifeSciences & Acclarent                                                        

With Hopes to Enhance its Animal Health Business, Zenex Acquires Ayurvet 

Read More: Zenex & Ayurvet                                                                                    

The US FDA’s Approves, Medtronic’s PulseSelect PFA System for the Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation

Read More: Medtronic                                

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