Webinar Recap: Successful Drug Discovery-Collaboration Among Multiple Functions

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Webinar Recap: Successful Drug Discovery-Collaboration Among Multiple Functions

Illuminating, informative, and engaging, our recent webinar on Successful Drug Discovery-Collaboration Among Multiple Functions with Eurofins Advinus, was an energy-packed session that highlighted the intricacies of the drug discovery process. The webinar delved deep into the nuances that are necessary for a successful drug discovery. The session was filled with stimulating case studies, highlighting crucial aspects like molecule selection, DMPK, safety, and pharmaceutics.  

On the panel, we had Dr. Punit Marathe, VP, DMPK, Agios Pharmaceuticals, and Barry Feigelman, Sr. Director-Discovery Science-North America, Eurofins Advinus as keynote speakers. Barry initiated the webinar by introducing himself and his co-speaker and providing a glimpse of their distinguished careers.   

Punit went ahead and highlighted the fundamental stages of the drug development process and presented a profound definition of drug discovery that is coherent with contemporary practices. While familiarizing our audiences with the key stages of drug discovery, including target selection, HIT identification, lead optimization, lead selection, and lastly lead characterization, Punit elaborated on the importance of each stage for a successful drug discovery.  

Punit, with a stirring case study, depicted the role of medicinal chemistry in drug discovery by providing a condensed account of the evolution of the attributes with the advent of new technologies. Punit later explains candidate optimization and why it is believed to be the Third Pillar, constituting DMPK, Pharmaceutics, and Safety. Punit goes on to provide an extensive overview of the role of DMPK scientists in different stages of drug discovery and highlights the classic case study on Translational Research.  

The webinar was concluded with an interactive Q&A session, where speakers went ahead to solve the queries of young minds and pharma professionals. 

Couldn’t attend the seminar? Not a problem. Here’s the full-length video of the webinar:  


We hope that the webinar provided the participants with valuable knowledge and inspiration.   

We appreciate your participation and engagement. Stay tuned for our upcoming webinars to explore more trends and strategies in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. 

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