PharmaShots Weekly Snapshots (November 27 – December 1, 2023)

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PharmaShots Weekly Snapshots (November 27 – December 1, 2023)

This week PharmaShots’ news was all about the updates on Pharma, Regulatory, Clinical Trials, DigiHealth, M&A & BioSimilar. Check out our full report below:

Dx&Vx and Oxford Vacmedix to Collectively Conduct Clinical Trials for OVM-200 as an Oncology Therapy

Read More: Dx&Vx & Oxford Vacmedix                                                              

RemeGen Highlights the P-II Trial Results for Disitamab Vedotin to Treat Urothelial Carcinoma

Read More: RemeGen                                                                                        

Anaptys Gains Exclusive License to Centessa Pharmaceuticals' BDCA2 Modulator Antibody Portfolio

Read More: Centessa Pharmaceuticals                                                              

Avidity Biosciences Expands Partnership with BMS for $2.3B to Advance Cardiovascular Treatments

Read More: Avidity Biosciences & BMS                                                                 

 Ascendis Signs Collaboration Agreement with Teijin Limited to Develop & Commercialize TransCon hGH, TransCon PTH, & TransCon CNP in Japan

Read More:  Ascendis & Teijin Limited                                                                 

Boehringer Ingelheim and Phenomic Signed Licensing Agreement to Develop Treatments for Tumors Rich in Stroma

Read More: Boehringer Ingelheim & Phenomic                                               

SyntheticMR and Philips Jointly Introduce SyMRI 3D Revolutionizing Neuroimaging

Read More: SyntheticMR & Philips                                                                    

The NMPA Grants Priority Review for Lung Cancer and Accepts GenFleet Therapeutics' NDA for GFH925

Read More: GenFleet Therapeutics                                                                     

The US FDA Approved SpringWorks Therapeutic’s Ogsiveo for the Treatment of Desmoid Tumors

Read More: SpringWorks Therapeutics                                                               

Japan’s MHLW Approved CSL & Arcturus Therapeutics’ ARCT-154 for the Treatment of COVID

Read More: CSL & Arcturus Therapeutics                                                           

Transit Scientific Receives the US FDA Approval for Next-Generation Microcatheter

Read More: Transit Scientific                                                                               

The US FDA-approved Alafair Bioscience’s VersaWrap to Manage and Protect Tendon Injuries as well as Peripheral Nerve Injuries

Read More: Alafair Bioscience                                                                           

Astellas & Seagen Reports that the sBLA Padcev + Keytruda was Accepted by the US FDA for the 1L Treatment of Urothelial Cancer with a Priority Review

Read More: Astellas & Seagen                                                                           

GSK Highlights the P-III Trial Results for Blenrep (belantamab mafodotin) to Treat Multiple Myeloma

Read More: GSK                                                                                                    

Sanofi Highlights the P-III Trial Results for Dupixent to Treat Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) 

Read More: Sanofi                                                                                                  

EnGeneIC’s Publishes the Results of EnGeneIC Dream Vector (EDV) Nanocell Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer Patients in “Clinical Cancer Research”

Read More: EnGeneIC                                                                                      

Argenx Announces the Results of VYVGART Hytrulo in P-III Trial for Primary Immune Thrombocytopenia

Read More: Argenx                                                                                               

 Akeso’s Cadonilimab Showed Positive Results in P-III Trial for Cervical Cancer Treatment

Read More: Akeso                                                                                                 

Merck announces the Results of P-III trial (STRIDE-3) for V116 for the treatment of COVID-19 in adults

Read More: Merck                                                                                                   

Sequane Medical Highlights the Results of P-I/IIa (MOJAVE) Study for DSR 2.0 in CHF Patients  

Read More: Sequane Medical                                                                            

Bio-Thera Announced BAT2206 (Ustekinumab) Positive Outcomes in P-III Study for Patients with Plaque Psoriasis

Read More: Bio-Thera                                                                                            

Abbvie's P-II (LUMINOSITY) Study of Telisotuzumab-Vedotin (Teliso-V) Reveals Positive Result for the Treatment of NSCLC

Read More: Abbvie                                                                                                 

Opsidio Initiates Phase IIa (Opscf-201) Study for Atopic Dermatitis with the First Patient Dosing

Read More: Opsidio                                                                                               

Polaris Launches Phase IIa Clinical Study for NASH, Administers First Dose of ADI-PEG 20

Read More: Polaris                                                                                                

 Calliditas Initiates P-II Clinical Trial for Setanaxib in Alport Syndrome 

Read More: Calliditas                                                                                       

Innovent Highlights the Result Of P-II Study for IBI351 in The Treatment of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) and Colorectal Cancer (CRC)

Read More: Innovent                                                                                         

Revvity Launches EONIS Q System to Screen and Detect Newborns Suffering from Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) and Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)

Read More: Revvity                                                                                              

MyBreastAI Suite introduced by GE HealthCare for Breast Cancer Detection

Read More: GE HealthCare                                                                                   

AbbVie announces the Acquisition of Immunogen for $10.1B

Read More: AbbVie                                                                                                 

Samsung Bioepis Successfully Concludes Patent Litigation with Johnson & Johnson

Read More: Samsung Bioepis & Johnson & Johnson                              

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Kritika Jha

Kritika is a content writer at PharmaShots. She is interested in covering recent innovations from the pharma & MedTech industry. She covers news related to Product approvals, clinical trial results, and updates. She can be contacted at connect@pharmashots.com.

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