Eli Lilly Reports P-III Trial (SURMOUNT-3) Results of Tirzepatide for Obesity or Overweight

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Eli Lilly

Eli Lilly Reports P-III Trial (SURMOUNT-3) Results of Tirzepatide for Obesity or Overweight


  • The P-III trial evaluating tirzepatide in 806 patients across the US, incl. Puerto Rico, Argentina & Brazil to a lead-in period with intensive lifestyle intervention
  • The trial met co-1EPs for the efficacy estimand and treatment-regimen estimand & showed superiority to PBO during the 72wk. treatment period. In both estimand, percent change in body weight (-18.4% vs 2.5%) and (-21.1% vs 3.3%); ≥5% weight reduction (87.5% vs 16.5%) and (94.4% vs 10.7%) in the co-1EPs
  • In the 2EPs, ≥20% weight reduction (44.7% vs 2.2%) and (54.9% vs 1.0%); patients maintained ≥80% of the body weight lost during lead-in at 72wk. (94.0% vs 43.8%) and (98.6% vs 37.8%), treatment discontinuation due to AEs (10.5% vs 2.1%). The results were published in Nature Medicine & presented at ObesityWeek 2023

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