Webinar Recap: Beyond the Horizon: Exploring Competitive Insights in the Life Science and Pharma Sectors

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Webinar Recap: Beyond the Horizon: Exploring Competitive Insights in the Life Science and Pharma Sectors

Intuitive, informative, and gripping, could be an articulate three-word summarization of our recent webinar on Competitive Intelligence. October 5th, 2023, the day PharmaShots, in association with Octavus Consulting, organized a webinar dedicated to competitive intelligence and navigated the nuances that go beyond the conventional definition of CI. Titled "Beyond the Horizon: Exploring Competitive Insights in the Life Science and Pharma Sectors", the mind-provoking webinar kept the audiences hooked throughout the session, and the credit for that goes to the distinguished panel of speakers.  

On the panel, we had Aditya Singh, Principal Consultant-Octavus Consulting, Himanshu Sehgal, Director Consulting-Octavus Consulting, and Utsav Chaurasia, Associate Director-Octavus Consulting, as our keynote speakers. The session commenced with Himanshu Explaining the intriguing title that was adopted, for the webinar. Himanshu eloquently went on to take the session further by first defining CI to our audiences in the most lucid way possible.   

Aditya went ahead with his own intelligible interpretation of CI that is coherent with the modern pharma and life science industry. While presenting the webinar, Utsav highlighted some of the nuanced aspects of market research that can integrated with the CI to exploit best for businesses. The absorbing and informative presentation of the CI navigated through multiple aspects of the industry. 

The interactive webinar brimmed with interesting polls, amazing anecdotes, and engaging case studies. The webinar was concluded with an interactive Q&A session, where speakers went ahead to solve the queries of young minds and pharma professionals.  

Couldn’t attend the seminar? Not a problem. Here’s the full-length video of the webinar: 


We hope that the webinar provided the participants with valuable knowledge and inspiration.   

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at connect@pharmashots.com. Alternatively, if you wish to communicate directly with Aditya, Himanshu, and Utsav, you can reach out to them at aditya@octavusconsulting.comhimanshu@octavusconsulting.com and utsav@octavusconsulting.com respectively.   


We appreciate your participation and engagement. Stay tuned for our upcoming webinars to explore more trends and strategies in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.  


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Saurabh Chaubey

Saurabh is a Senior Content Writer at PharmaShots. He is a voracious reader and follows the recent trends and innovations of life science companies diligently. His work at PharmaShots involves writing articles, editing content, and proofreading drafts. He has a knack for writing content that covers the Biotech, MedTech, Pharmaceutical, and Healthcare sectors.

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